Paweł Fajdek got married! Here is his wife Sandra Cichocka [ZDJĘCIA Z UROCZYSTOŚCI]

Paweł Fajdek and Sandra Cichocka have known each other for many years. They met back in their childhood. – The entire junior high school is called horse courtship. In elementary school, it’s hair pulling, somewhere ticklish. (…) He shouted at half school, I was doing such a spin then – said the athlete’s partner in an interview for “Dzień dobry TVN” in 2018.

In 2015, the lovers became parents. Their daughter was born and received the original name Laila. – A child somewhere out there always attracts me to the house and, most of all, it calmed me down, because I do not fly around the city with the boys – said the athlete.

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Paweł Fajdek got married! Photos from the ceremony

Now the bronze medalist of the Tokyo Olympics and his chosen one decided to say “yes” to each other. The lovers decided to marry in civil law. The ceremony did not take place at the Registry Office, but at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów.

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AthleTeam management agency informed about the thief’s wedding. Several photos from the ceremony were attached to the entry, so we could see how the young couple presented themselves on this special day.

Paweł Fajdek got married. Who is his wife?

Sandra Cichocka used to work in the tax office, but then she started to focus on the family. Beloved Paweł Fajdka is active in social media. He runs an Instagram profile where he often publishes family photos. There are also photos with my daughter. Sandra Cichocka, like her lover, loves tattoos. There are many tattoos on her body.

There was a time in the media about one of the dates of Fajdek and Cichocka. The athlete will lock their chosen one in … the trunk. – I’m late for our meeting. Sandra was upset or she did to spite me. This is irrelevant now. She’s gone, and I did my best to track her down, find her. I warned her that if she did not get in, I would put her in the trunk and drive away. She disregarded my request, so she left me no choice. (…) The end result was satisfactory – he recalled in “Dzień Dobry TVN”. Today Sandra Cichocka recalls this situation with a smile, but then she was not laughing at the time. I turned and saw such a great boar running towards me. I thought he was joking. Until the last moment, until the hatch was closed, I was convinced that he was joking – she said.

Photo: Rafał Oleksiewicz / Pressfocus /

Paweł Fajdek and Sandra Cichocka in 2016

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