PayPal: goodbye free refunds on returns! The policies change from November 27th

They arrive bad news for the millions of users of PayPal. The giant of digital payments has declared that the reimbursement of shipping costs for returns will no longer be active from November 27 2022.

The news was released by the company through an official press release containing the following text: “starting from November 27, 2022, PayPal will no longer provide free return labels n accept requests for reimbursement of return costs. Make sure you submit any eligible requests before that date to ensure that they are received and reviewed as usual. ”

PayPal: stop free returns

The function made free can therefore be used by users who already have an active personal PayPal account, while new registrations will no longer be accepted. The user can send a request for a free return until 11:59 pm local time on November 26, 2022. From the following day, November 27, 2022, the service it will no longer be available.

What if my request is still being processed when the free returns are stopped? PayPal ensures that this will be reviewed as usual. If the request is approved it will subsequently be processed even after the free returns have been collected.

Why this unexpected choice? The official PayPal note reads: “PayPal is continually updating and developing new features for its customers. Sometimes some services need to be phased out as part of these larger changes.”

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