PC or consoles? The verdict has just been reached. The war has been settled

PC or consoles?  The verdict has just been reached.  The war has been settled

Which is better – PC or console? The competition between the platforms, and thus the discussions of their users, have been going on for years. The verdict has just been reached.

For years, there have been discussions about what is a better gaming platform – computers or consoles. Despite many efforts, discussions, discussions and often quarrels in the comments, it was difficult to recognize the unequivocal victory of any of the platforms.

The fact is, both PCs and consoles have their pros and cons. In addition, it is difficult to treat the latter as one entity, because such PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch divide more than they connect. But it seems the war has just been settled.

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The best gaming device ever is it?

The Golden Joystick Awards, the oldest awards in the gaming industry, have just been distributed. Their beginning dates back to 1983. This year’s edition is particularly important because it celebrates the 50th anniversary of gaming like that. For this reason, the organizers have prepared a few unusual categories. One of them is “Ultimate Hardware of All Time”, which is simply the best gaming hardware ever.

What won this category? Candidates can be selected at least a few – all consoles from the PlayStation or Xbox series, Nintendo Switch, NES, SNES, 64, ZX Spectrum or even Commodore or Atari. Anyway, the nominated devices can be seen in the graphic below:

The best gaming equipment ever - consoles vs PC

However, the choice fell on ordinary and good PCs. It is computers that have been recognized historically as the best gaming devices. It makes a lot of sense, because although it has undergone huge changes over the years, a computer is just a computer. Mainly the assumptions have not changed significantly.

This, of course, will not convince everyone. The fact is, however, that the experts have handed down the verdict. You can argue with him. You can agree with him. It doesn’t matter. PC won. And seriously, play what you want and let others do the same.

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Photo source: Rafal Jedrzejek and Rebekah Yip (Unsplash), Golden Joystick Awards

Text Source: TechSpot

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