“Pd macho and authoritarian”. The dem process Letta and bet on Schlein

The imminent arrival of Giorgia Meloni at Palazzo Chigi it is becoming a case among the women of the Democratic Party. A predictable reaction, but aggravated by the fact that, compared to five years ago, the number of Democrats elected in Parliament has decreased.

“The center-left has certainly allowed itself to be overcome. The female question, on the left, has produced many political elaborations, but few facts on the part of the management group”, he explains to ilGiornale.it the sociologist and pollster Carlo Buttaroni, president of the Tecné Institute. Meloni’s is not an isolated case. It was the center-right, in fact, who proposed and had the force worker Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati elected president of the Senate, the first woman to hold this office. But not only. Letizia Moratti, in the two-year period ’94 -’96, was the first woman to become president of Rai, appointed by the first Berlusconi government. The first female secretary of a trade union, on the other hand, was not Susanna Camusso, but Renata Polverini who from 2006 to 2010 led the Ugl. In the last legislature, both Forza Italia group leaders, Mara Carfagna and Anna Maria Bernini, were initially women. In addition to Nilde Iotti, the Italian left seems not to have been able to produce many female leaders and, now, in view of the congress of the Democratic Party, female candidates are flooding. The former Minister of Transport, Paola De Micheli, has already formalized her desire to run for the secretariat of the Pdwhile Elly Schlein is the ‘candidate in pectore’ who, according to Euromedia Research, could compete with Stefano Bonaccini.

The victory of Meloni

“The real problem is not putting a woman at the head of the party, but building a female leadership. Certainly Fratelli d’Italia did it and we must recognize it ”, she admits speaking with her ilGiornale.it the deputy of the Democratic Party Enza Bruno Bossio who missed re-election by a hair’s breadth. According to the MEP Alessandra Moretti “Having a female premier for the first time in the history of the Republic is undoubtedly a positive fact and which objectively represents the breaking of a glass roof that has limited access to the highest institutional offices in the country”, but it is not enough . “This does not mean that women’s rights will be guaranteed and this will be monitored by the opposition of the Democratic Party, the first opposition force in the country and in Parliament”, warns the MEP who points the finger at the current leaders of the Democratic Party “all male” and on women who “must be more autonomous and not wait for the call of the leader on duty”.

The mistakes of Enrico Letta

According to the former minister Valeria Fedeli, however, “opposing Meloni with another woman would be a game of mirrors that leads nowhere”. The problem is deeper and “the fact that the Democratic Party continues to have only men as party leaders denotes a great political-cultural backwardness,” says the now former senator. “Only in 2013 there was a change with Bersani as secretary. Then Renzi made a government in which there was perfect gender equality among ministers, but for five years now the Democratic Party has stopped making policies on women ”, attacks Fedeli. The former Democratic senator denounces, therefore, how little has been done by the current ruling class to support women: “The shortsighted, authoritarian and male chauvinist nature of the Democratic Party became evident when, in the Draghi government, the ministers appointed in the Democratic Party they were all men ”. The former minister does not spare even the secretary criticism Enrico Letta that, yes, he has imposed two women as group leader of the House and Senate, but in this election campaign he has made three big mistakes. “Letta made three mistakes. In the first place, you used multiple candidacies, ie women used to elect men. Then, in Regions such as Puglia and Calabria there was not even a leading woman and, finally, in the safe positions she put more men than women, reducing the number of elected women “, explains Fedeli, still incredulous that only the secretary Letta has formalized his departure from the scene, while the current management team has not completely resigned as did Renzi’s Pd.

The Elly Schlein option

Today, hope, for the left, is called Elly Schlein, a “good, serious woman, who did not first ask for protections and who was able to get votes for both the European and the Regionals in Emilia Romagna, without being promoted by anyone”, emphasizes Fedeli, firmly convinced that the new – MP must run alone and not in a ticket with a man (Stefano Bonaccini) for the secretary of the Democratic Party, a party where “a strong culture of male power prevails and women who emerge – concludes the former minister – are not supported in subsequent processes “. But it may be enough for the Democratic Party to rely on a politician like Schlein who, at the closing rally of the Democratic Party’s election campaign, had challenged Meloni by declaring: ‘I am a woman. I love another woman and I am not a mother, but that does not mean that I am less of a woman ‘? According to the pollster Buttaroni, “claiming a sexual affiliation does not solve political problems also because, from our research, it appears that the vast majority of people no longer ask themselves the problems of rights and that the issue of homosexuality is no longer the subject of discussion. “. The polls, therefore, at least initially, may well grow “but only when Schlein has to deal with the M5S or on concrete issues such as citizenship income, it will be understood if there is really consensus around her figure”.

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