Pd, the race to the secretariat opens. Decaro: “Model to be dismantled”. Bonaccini: “We need a larger project”. And there is the unknown Elly Schlein

People to talk to again, a new one center leftthe regeneration. For others a model to be dismantledthe need to say goodbye to current leaders and reset the perverse mechanisms, so as to reopen the dialogue with the people on the territories. After the blackest night, the one in which it sank as ever since its foundation, the Pd wanders lost in search of an analysis that explains the flop and, therefore, of a new guide capable of revitalizing a party without a project. Everything will pass by congressactually convened by the secretary Enrico Letta. It should have been held in March 2023, but given the debacle in the polls and the appointment with the vote for the Regional in Lazio And Lombardy it is likely that you will decide for one accelerated procedure. But who will be the eligible successors of Letta, who has already announced his farewell once the choice has been made?

The return of Elly Schlein? – There are those who already vaticina of a ‘foreign pope’but within the party – in a few hours – two have already arrived analyses that look a lot like as many congressional motions. And they are expected names, even if none of the new ones dared to reveal the cards: Stefano Bonaccini, Antonio Decaro or Matteo Ricci, with the former even dismissing the hypothesis of his own candidacy to lead the dem. In the background, the figure of Elly Schlein, Bonaccini’s deputy in the Emilia Romagna Region and elected as an independent on the center-left list. She was registered, then came out in 2016 in controversy with the approval of Jobs Act wanted by Matteo Renzi. Before the vote, Letta had hoped that the guide would switch to one womanwhile announcing their step sideways after the 19% collected in the country called this the time in which it is necessary that “one new generation get to work ”. Identikit that lead straight to Schlein, so far remained in silence – without confirming or denying – and in the meantime also celebrated by the international press as the Italian version of Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.

Bonaccini’s “strong project” – On the other hand, Bonaccini and Decaro speak without speaking too much. “We must return to dialogue with the people – said the president of Emilia-Romagna – The Democratic Party at 19%? Need a stronger project it is bigger. We need to build a new and different center left ”. This is the vision of him in the aftermath of the scoppola that overwhelmed the party from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Sicily. Everywhere, except in the last (half) red region, he, where the Democratic Party was the first party in the vote on 25 September. How to say: in the light of what happened in Tuscanywhere Fdi passed the dem votes in the House and essentially equalized them in the Senate, in Emilia Romagna the ‘Bonaccini system’ bears fruit. But he stays on the sidelines, at least in public. An ‘I see I do not see’ so as not to waste time, also because at the moment there is not even a certain timing for the choice of the secretary: “Don’t ask me about the congress – he immediately clarifies – At this moment I do nothing, absolutely nothing. Of course, it must be a great opportunity for regeneration for us ”. ‘This moment’ is the key from which to start again: because the congress machine is long and far from being started.

How the Pd congress works – The statute dem is very precise about the various steps expected, with a lot of indication of the necessary days. Someone procedures they have been streamlined recently but the whole process requires under normal conditions 3-4 months of time. There are two phases, with various intermediate ‘steps’. The first is dedicated to comparison on congressional documents and leads to selection of candidates (at least 40 days foreseen). The second includes the debate and the vote in the circles and goes up to the open primaries (over 50 days required). They seem to move with caution, but with penetrating thrusts, even i mayors. The heaviest analysis of defeat comes from Antonio Decaromayor of Bari and president Anci: “He lost the Democratic Party. He has lost this center-left coalition. He lost theidea of ​​politics and of the country that we have proposed to the Italians. We lost. And woe betide if the analysis of the vote, at any level, did not start from these two words. We would be faced with yet another rhetorical stratagem to try to justify ourselves by falsifying reality ”.

The mayor of Bari for the dismantling – Decaro does not make it a question of people: “In these hours it would be too easy to shoot at zero on the national secretary. And it would be useless “. Rather, he warns by plunging the knife into the living flesh of the dem, “it is thewhole model on which the Democratic Party is based that must be dismantled “. So the attack on the Roman fireplaces and even more peripheral: “Enough with i current leaders that make and undo lists in their own image and likeness. Enough of this exercise of power for power “. In the opinion of the mayor of Bari, able to be re-elected in 2019 in the first round with almost the 67% of the votesthe road is marked: “Or we will be able, finally, to reset these perverse mechanisms and to return to talk to peopleor the perpetual defeat at political elections it will be ours ineluctable destiny “. The Democratic Party, after all, Decaro recalls, “loses all political elections national “from 2008that is, always, while “in the local electionsnot only manages to win, but, above all, manages to weave one solid relationship, coherent and responsible with citizens “. The dem men – who govern 70% of Italian municipalities – “prove capable of administering and proposing aserious political idea “ and “the electoral victories are the consequence”.

The shore of Ricci: “Let’s start again with the mayors” – Also because, he stresses, “in those elections the citizens have the possibility of choose directly its representatives and of ask them for an accounton a daily basis, of what they promise in election campaign and how they do it once they become administrators “. A “virtuous mechanism of trust and control” that “jumps completely” when one is called upon to choose deputies and senators. For Decaro, it is from this battle that the dem must start again: “We find ourselves deputies and senators who do not even know how to find map the countries in which they are elected. Just because loyal to the leader party, or some current leader “. After having declined the candidacy offered by Letta in recent months to him and to the other dem mayors, now Decaro sketches the Democratic Party that will have to be. And his voice seems like that inside a choir, reading the message not at all veiled by Matteo Ricciwhich of the local administrators dem is the coordinator: “A defeat painful And heavy. One can only restart by progressive and reformist mayors, by proximity left “.

Orlando, Provenzano Guerini – There will be only one between him and Decaro: “Two years ago – the first citizens closest to him would have told Ricci, convincing him to try – you were the first to expand a center-left majority to Cinquestelle, with success. Also, to build a new project, we must start from the Italian province, from there where we no longer weigh and where we continue to lose ”. The mayors are warming up, it remains only to understand who will be the most visible face towards the congress. Much, however, will depend on the positioning of the various areas within the party, precisely those criticized by Decaro. The internal left has always had a candidate for congress and therefore the moves are awaited Andrea Orlando or Peppe Provenzano. Ditto for Reformist basisthe area headed by the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini. Then there were those who, until not so long ago, bet on the presence of a reformist candidatetracing the identikit of Giorgio Gori. The harsh electoral punishment has distorted programsambitions and perspectives. The voters, more than a congress, seem to have asked for a clean up.

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