Pearl Jam, Billie Eilish, Jack White, Taylor Swift and many more react to the repeal of the US abortion law

The United States Supreme Court on Friday reversed a half-century-old court ruling that allowed American women to have abortions in that country.

That decision, known as “Roe v. Wade”, was reversed with the votes in favor of 5 of the 6 conservative justices of the Supreme, three of them chosen by the former president, Donald Trump.

The music world reacted on social media mostly with stupefaction, sadness and anger at the decision. “After so many decades of fighting for women’s rights to their own bodies, today’s decision has taken that away from us. I’m terrified,” Taylor Swift wrote.

Pearl Jam was also outraged: “Nobody, not the government, not politicians, not the Supreme Court, should prevent access to abortion and contraceptives. People should be able to have the freedom to choose.”

Phoebe Bridgers, who performed this Friday at the Glastonbury festival, had the audience chanting slogans against the decision: “Screw the Supreme Court”. At the same festival, Billie Eilish stated on stage: “Today is a very dark day for women in the US. I’ll say it now because I can’t bear to think about it”.

See the reactions, which also include stances from Cat Power, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Charli XCX, Yungblud, Garbage, Cher, Phoebe Bridgers and Questlove, among others.

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