Pegasus has been sowing terror for years. How did the spy of all spies find himself in the hands of the services? [PODCAST]

The first mentions of Pegasus software appeared in 2016. Experts from the Citizen Lab, an organization specializing in cybersecurity, warned then that it could be one of the most dangerous spyware in history, as it contains code that can handle even the best security built into smartphones.

TechnoTerapia is a technological podcast of In the new episode, Daniel Maikowski and Robert Kędzierski talk about the Pegasus software, i.e. the spy of all spies, which was to be used, among others for the surveillance of senator Krzysztof Brejza and prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek.

One click on a crafted link is enough to infect a phone, although experts point out that “infection” with Pegasus is also possible without any interaction on the part of the victim. The infection takes place automatically when the victim receives a link in the messenger or SMS.

Pegasus allows you to view the call list, contact book, location, SMS messages, e-mails, information from Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp and other applications. It also gives you access to photos, microphone, browser history and phone settings.

The software was developed by an Israeli company NSO Group and is to be offered to services around the world. The Citizen Lab company determined that in 2016 the cost of using the Pegasus was estimated at $ 25,000 per device.

How could Pegasus get into the hands of the services? Who was eavesdropped on with the software? Do we have the Polish Watergate scandal? Listen to the latest episode of the TechnoTerapia podcast.

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