Pellet stove, the pros and cons of trendy heating

Pellet: the latest trend stove. Find out what are the pros and cons of this heating system

Dual fuel stove: pellets and wood (Pexels)


In recent years we have assisted to what can be considered a real one Revolution as regards the home heating system. The latest trend is powered stoves pellets, which replaced the fireplaces and thermo fireplaces, used up to a decade ago. The reasons who have prompted many families to make this change certainly are differenthowever, as with everything, even the pellet stove has its own pro and his versus. Before deciding whether to use this system to heat your home make sure that is really the choice right.

Pellet stove: advantages and disadvantages

pellet heating
Pellet – wood (Photo by Didier from Pixabay)

As we said, the pellet stove collects more and more curiosity and consensus and more and more people seem to be prepared to adopt this new system for heating. The first thing important what you need to know about it, is that although it is not a complicated installation, it must be done by a technician specialized. The rule that regulates these installations is the “UNI 10683”And in case of an error in the installation it can be loomed in sanctions very salty.

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The pellet stove can be installed in a room that is higher than i 6 square meters and also the floor must necessarily be composed of material fireproof. 25 are the centimeters of distance that there must be from other objects, 5 meters from the wall e 40 centimeters on top. It is essential to install the stove where there is one socket electric, because without electricity the stove obviously cannot be put on function.

The pros and cons of the pellet stove

It is therefore not possible proceed the installation of a pellet stove in the boxes, bathrooms, garages, garages and studios. But what are the pros and cons of this new and widespread system heating? Starting from “pro“, We can say that, in addition to taking advantage of concessions tax, the stove promises a good energy yield by far superior to wood or other fossil fuel fired heaters.

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Also in terms of maintenanceit does not appear to be very complicated and moreover, not to be underestimated absolutely, the fact that its diet is considered extremely eco friendly. As for the “versus“Instead, as we have already mentioned, in order to proceed with this type of installation there must be the possibility in terms of space and square meters. If we live in a studio apartment or in a very small house we cannot to use of this system.

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