Pemex dispatcher angry at driver after receiving tip

  • There are more than 12,000 gas stations in Mexico, of which PEMEX is the main supplier.

  • The country consumes approximately 780,000 barrels of gasoline annually.

  • While PEMEX dominates the market, other brands such as BP and Shell have also expanded market share in recent years.

In terms of infrastructure, Mexico has more than 12,000 gas stations distributed across the country. These filling stations play a vital role in the economy and daily life, providing fuel not only for private vehicles but also for public transportation and industry.

State-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) has historically been Mexico’s main fuel supplier. However, in recent years, market dynamics have changed with the entry of new brands and international competitors. Companies such as BP, Shell and Chevron have successfully gained market share, provided consumers with diverse choices and created a more competitive environment.

Mexico’s national gasoline consumption is very large, with an annual average of about 780,000 barrels. The demand reflects the country’s high reliance on motor vehicle travel. The increase in the number of vehicles and the growth of the economy have led to a continued increase in fuel consumption.

In addition to providing gasoline, gas stations also provide other services, such as selling lubricants, car care products, convenience stores, etc. These facilities have become key points for meeting various needs related to the mobility and well-being of drivers.

It is worth noting that Mexico’s gas station industry has undergone significant changes. Open competition and supplier diversity provide consumers with choice, promote market efficiency and better practices.

However, Mexico’s gas station landscape reflects a combination of tradition and evolution. Although Pemex has always been dominant, the presence of international competitors and growing domestic demand have created challenges and opportunities for the industry, contributing to the dynamism of the country’s fuel industry.

Pemex dispatcher angry at driver after receiving tip

A video has gone viral on social networks of a motorcyclist who goes to a Pemex gas station to refuel and asks for a full tank, but when it comes time to tip (the dispatcher has the option to tip), he returns the coin. , and was angry at the motorcyclist.

@alexishusky He doesn’t want my peso 😡 Some people do want that peso, too bad people like that don’t take it seriously… Their employees suck #biker #moto #husqrvarna # Gasoline♬ Original Soundtrack – AlexisBikes

The boy probably played a bad joke on him and he only gave him 1 peso, so he was upset and just told him to keep the money; this action is turning the tide on social networks, some followers support the workers, Other followers supported the driver, but who was right?

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