Penalties for PKP Intercity. For delays and overcrowded wagons

PKP Intercity had to pay PLN 16 million this year. Penalties are charged by the Ministry of Infrastructure for train delays and overcrowded carriages. Where did these irregularities come from? Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The train goes far and sometimes long waits for it.

“I’m waiting for a train that’s a hundred minutes late,” said one of the passengers. “I would rather go and be home faster, but unfortunately these are the conditions,” added another traveler. – It’s not the first time, I also waited 2 hours before – complained passengers.

Millions of penalties for PKPPoland and the world


Car faults cause delays

Sometimes you have to wait on the platform, sometimes on the train … for the toilet. Such a journey from before the holidays, recalls MP Paulina Matysiak. A politician recently complained about non-working toilets on the train. Passengers had to use bathrooms in railway stations, where they stopped for a longer stop.

– The story ended in such a way that just this train at each station stopped longer so that passengers could get off the train, go to the toilet and return to this train – said the deputy of the Razem party, who is also the chairman of the parliamentary team for the fight against transportation exclusion.

She decided to check the scale of the problem. The Ministry of Infrastructure asked how many penalties PKP Intercity has for not complying with the contract.

– It is shocking that this year, these data cover the period from January to August, such a fine for PKP Intercity is almost PLN 16 million over the last few years, this is the largest penalty that this carrier has received – she said.

President of PKP Intercity: the number of cases is not large

Where did such a large sum come from? The president of the company claims that it was caused by an increase in the penalties themselves for individual infringements. – The values ​​of the penalty have changed, but the number of cases is not large – explained the president of PKP Intercity Marek Chraniek.

– I would not be glad that because we charge higher fines, there aren’t many delays. We know what the Polish railways look like, there is really much room for improvement here, said Paulina Matysiak.

PKP Intercity receives the most penalties for the fact that the trains do not run on time.

– It happened after a few hours, and now it’s just like 30 or 40 minutes. I got used to it, because I travel a lot – said Mr. Michał. – Every third long-distance train is late. We urgently need to do something about it, because if we want Polish railways to be attractive, ecological and an alternative to cars, it must be punctual, alarmed Dr. Jakub Majewski, president of the Pro Kolej Foundation.

Reasons for train delays

Why are the trains not sticking to the schedule? Due to, among other things, failures of the rolling stock, communication, but also the weather.

– Atmospheric discharges, flooding, it was also visible that these holiday periods, it was even said that we would now have more climate change – said the president of PKP Intercity Marek Charciek.

As reported by Rynek Kolejowy, according to the data provided by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, passengers are also responsible for delays.

“The greatest number of train delays in the third quarter resulted from the extended placement of travelers (related to a large number of passengers)” – wrote the portal.

– Passengers are to blame themselves that the trains are delayed because they enter these trains for too long and this problem with filling the train set causes a delay. This is a rather peculiar translation for me – assessed Adrian Furgalski, a team of economic advisors to TOR.

The president of PKP Intercity, when asked about what the company is doing in order not to pay these fines or pay less, replied: “Let me put it this way: we are constantly analyzing, drawing conclusions from events, looking for solutions”.

The plan for the near future is to change the organization of employees’ work or fleet management. After 2030, all PKP Intercity trains will be new or modernized. Unless there is a delay.

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