Penalty for LOT. Ban on flights to China for two weeks

LOT will not be able to fly on this route for the next two weeks.

The Polish airline is jone of many punished by the Chinese regulator for bringing passengers with coronavirus on board.

Among the airlines with a no-fly there are, among others American airlines American Airlines and United Airlines.

China’s aviation regulatory authority announced on Wednesday it would suspend two United Airlines flights from San Francisco to Shanghai after Seven passengers on the last flight were infected with the coronavirus.

The Chinese aviation regulator in recent weeks has ordered cancellation of over 60 scheduled flights from the United States.

Flights from Kanday were also canceled due to the growing number of travelers with the COVID-19 virus. On December 25, at least 17 COVID-19 positive travelers were on board Air Canada AC025 flight from Vancouver to Shanghai, China. Starting January 17th four more Air Canada AC025 flights will be canceled, we read on the CAAC website.

Source: Reuters

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