Penne with 7 sins, variant without sauce and with a puzzle game

Penne ai 7 sins is a fun recipe with a super taste and an almost enigmistic elaboration. Sins are made if you don’t prepare this dish and the calculation is in relation to the ingredients: curious, fun and super greedy.

Penne recipe 7 sins
P.year old panna pham piselli (Photo by denio109 AdobeStock)


  1. Penne at 7 pm, a real sin of gluttony. The secret is all in the sauce
  2. Vegetarian tomato lasagna, digestible, excellent recipe for all occasions
  3. Pizza pancakes. super greedy to disappear immediately, excellent alternative for children

The recipe of the “7 P” is typical Tuscany in the different variants. The feature of this recipe is that it must have at least 7 ingredients starting with the letter “P”. Infinite the variants combining the different ingredients according to i tastes.

Fast and creamyis a recipe that can be prepared “all ‘last minute ”for impromptu lunches that will allow you to create an atmosphere fun with the story of the “7 Ps”. With the right presentation, as in the photo, it can be used in a lunch formal.

Ingredients and preparation of the 7 sins penne

Ingredients for 4 servings. Preparation time: 20 minutes. You can replace the cream with a spreadable cheese: you need to find one that starts with the letter “P” and it’s not very difficult: Philadelphia!

You can use other ingredients starting with the letter “P”: peperons, pham, pecorino, the passata of pomodori enters by law as it has 2 “P” but if you want to replace it with i podors pelati, the 2 “P” count remains the same and the flavor will be just as tasty!


Penne recipe 7 sins
P.assata e panna (Photo by Jay hyun AdobeStock)



Wash and clean the leek. Chop it and brown it in a large pan with a drizzle of oil. Add the baconthe chili pepper. As soon as the leek has browned, add the peasstir and as soon as the liquid part has dried, add the cream.

Cover with a cover and cook over low heat for a few minutes, add the salt and stir from time to time. After a couple of minutes switch off and let it rest. Meanwhile, put a saucepan on the stove with water for the pasta.

As soon as the pasta is al dente, take it with one skimmer and pour it directly into the pan with the cream. In this way, you bring some cooking water with you. Let the pasta cook for a few more minutes, stirring.

Penne recipe 7 sins
Penne 7 sins variant with tomato sauce (Photo by denio109 AdobeStock)

Turn off and platedust with a little pepperif you have not used chilli previously and the parmesan grated. Add the Ham and the parsley coarsely chopped and a few leaves for garnish.

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