Pension of the parliamentarians, the ten days that would save the newly elected if the Draghi government were to fall today

After the fall of the second Conte government, the most malicious suspected that the 5 Star Movement would accept a new government without going to the vote, also to save their parliamentary pension. This is because many of the grillini elected (but in reality the largest number of new-borns is held by the League) were in their first term and, according to the reform of the pension system of the House and Senate, to obtain it they had to remain in office for 4 years, 6 months. and 1 day. The expiry of the period is dated September 24th.

Pension of parliamentarians, save for 10 days

But when does the mandate expire? According to the law, parliamentarians effectively remain in office until the new Parliament takes office and this cannot happen before 80 days. In this case, if the Draghi government were to fall today, it would not happen before October 4, 2022. A gap of 10 days that allows all new parliamentarians (not only of the 5 Star Movement of course) to see their retirement saved. A risk escaped especially in view of the next legislature, which by virtue of the new constitutional law which provides for a reduction in the number of parliamentarians, from 630 to 400 deputies and from 315 to 200 elected senators. In fact, many risk being left out.

How many newly elected parliamentarians are there?

First-term parliamentarians are about two thirds of the total, 690 out of 1007 total. There are 446 among the deputies (out of 630 total) and 244 among the senators (out of 315), all of whom entered Parliament for the first time in March 2018. The newly elected are very numerous in all groups but what counts is more in absolute terms, the Lega di Matteo Salvini registers 123 new deputies out of 133 members of the Chamber (92% of the total) and 57 out of 64 in the Senate (89%). The 5Stelle (which have now actually separated with the Di Maio split) ranged between 70% of first-time parliamentarians in the House and 82% in the Senate while the Democratic Party (which in 2018 lost many honorable members) has a percentage of 45% newly elected at Montecitorio and 66% at Palazzo Madama. Brothers of Italy also has many newly elected: 33 out of 37 in the Chamber and 20 out of 21 in the Senate.


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