Pensions in 2022. The valorization will be higher than assumed? This is how much you can get on your account [13.01.2022]

The data of the Central Statistical Office show that only 40% of Polish retirees assess their financial situation as satisfactory. This is expected to improve in 2022. Benefits will be indexed by at least 5%. In 2022, the thirteenth pensions will also be paid. There will be no “Fourteen” in 2022.

By setting the pension indexation rate in 2021 in 2022, the government did not anticipate galloping inflation and assumed that the index would be 4.89 percent. In the budget act, PLN 10.5 billion has been allocated to this for a raise for seniors. These plans will be verified in February, and the details will be known in March. Experts estimate that taking into account galloping inflation, the indexation of pensions in 2022 will be record-high. The correction can be as high as 10.56 percent.

This is how much pensioners can get after indexation taking into account inflation – we present the net rates:

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In December 2021, inflation reached 8.6%.

Pensioners will be able to count on the payment of the thirteenth pension. In 2021, retirees, pensioners and other recipients of long-term benefits received the thirteenth pension in the amount of PLN 1,250.88 gross in April. In 2022, seniors although the supplementary pension will be increased, pensioners will get lessThis was due to the tax changes introduced on January 1 this year. Thirteen will be paid on the same date – in May with these benefits. How much will retirees get? This is not known yet, because the amounts will be known after the pension indexation rate is set – and this will take place in February.

If today we have this minimum pension at the level of PLN 1,250.88, next year it will certainly be over PLN 1,300 – announces Marlena Maląg, Minister of Family and Social Policy.

In 2022, the tax-free amount was changed from PLN 8,000. PLN up to 30 thousand. Pensioners receiving their benefits up to the amount of PLN 2,500 per month were exempted from PIT tax, and the state deprives them of 9 percent. health insurance benefits. In the case of the payment of the 13th pension, the monthly payment of the benefit exceeds the amount of tax exemption and the pensioner will have to pay 9 percent to health insurance and 17 percent to the tax exemption. PIT tax. For example, if in 2021 the pensioner received PLN 2,200 for the basic pension and PLN 1,300 for the “thirteen” (PLN 3,500 in total) and he was to receive the same amount in 2022, then after the tax changes, his account would be credited with PLN 3,015, which would mean that PLN 13 in 2022 it would be PLN 1013.

“In 2022, the 14th pension will not be paid” – announced the Minister of Finance Tadeusz Kościński on Saturday, January 8. Government spokesman Piotr Mueller wrote that “the 14th retirement was supposed to be a one-off”. Let us recall that the president of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, during the 2019 election campaign – on September 26 in Płock – announced that the 14th pensions would appear in 2021 and would remain “permanent”.


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