People are SHOCKED by what’s going on between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Princess Kate and Meghan Markle were never friends. The conflict between the brothers, Prince William and Prince Harry, was also not conducive to tightening ties. But it looks like something has changed.

OMG! The content of an email sent by Meghan Markle regarding Princess Kate has leaked

Duchess Kate and Meghan Markle friends?

After Meghan Markle spoke out on the matter Kate Middleton during the interview with u Oprah Winfrey, it seemed he would never forgive her. The royals avoid talking about rumors like plague. Then Harry’s wife confessed in front of the whole world that it was Kate who made her cry before the wedding. Fortunately, she added that she apologized to her and sent flowers.

Meghan Markle WALKED by Princess Kate: “It hurt my feelings”

Currently, Harry and his wife live in the United States and there aren’t many opportunities to mend their relationship, but distance seems to be good for them.

Supposedly Meghan and Kate they became closer than ever.

Meghan and Kate get along really well and stay in touch more often. Their relationship has never been so close. Now they are closer than ever and are working on their relationship for the good of the family – informs “Us Weekly”.

Previously an expert, Camilla Tominey, she also believed that they would come to an agreement.

Growing up being close to her siblings, 37-year-old Pippa and 34-year-old James, the Duchess still wanted to bury the battle ax, even after the interview was aired. She cares about Archie’s relationship with his cousins.

Additionally, birth Lilibet had a positive effect on relations Meghan and Kate. William’s wife even sent a gift.

Princess Kate tries to get closer to Meghan Markle. This is what the PALACE orders her to do

Will they still be friends?

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