People were falling to the floor. A recording from a German church was a hit on the network

  • The clergy and the faithful were surprised by the behavior of young people who fell on the church floor and pretended to be dead before the service began
  • It was a group of German activists who demanded action from the authorities in relation to climate change
  • Activists left the temple assisted by the police. The clergyman assured them that the Church was also committed to preserving the “work of creation”
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The online recording of the happening by activists associated with Extinction Rebellion became a hit on social media. It shows a group of several dozen young people who left the pews and stood in the middle of the temple.

Suddenly, everyone lay down on the floor. Their demonstration took place on the day of the Epiphany, commonly known as the Epiphany. The faithful gathered in the church were surprised by the behavior of young people who, lying on the ground, pretended to be dead.

The video also shows confused priests. At one point, they approach the person holding a banner standing in front of the altar. The struggle begins. When the clergy managed to snatch the banner of the activist, applause rang out in the temple.

What was the purpose of the demonstration in the church?

Extinction Rebellion aims to raise awareness of the deepening climate changes that are dangerous not only to animals, but also to humans.

During the happening, the faithful and priests heard a woman who spoke about environmental degradation and accused German politicians and clergy of not being involved in the fight against climate change.

Activists are pleased with the progress of their action. They wrote in their social media that the happening “proceeded very quietly”. They also added, “(everything) was finished before the service began.”

The police are investigating

Extinction Rebellion members left the temple assisted by the police. Officers are now investigating and intending to interview 12 people who took part in the demonstration. As reported by the German media, two activists resisted taking them out of the church.

Investigators are investigating the case for violations of the law on assemblies and intrusion into the temple grounds.

The dean of the cathedral in Cologne, Robert Kleine, already referred to the situation. He said in an interview with “Frankfurter Rundschau” that during the happening he went to the microphone and told the activists: “The Church is also committed to preserving the action of creation, but we want to celebrate the service”

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