“People won’t want to leave the cinema”

Lots of news today regarding Avatar: The Water Way. After new posters, teaser trailers and the green light to purchase presales, some film cast members took part in an interview with Fandango to talk about the highly anticipated blockbuster directed by James Cameron.

According to Zoe Saldana, the underwater scenes of Avatar 2 will be nothing but the climax “revolutionary” of thedirector’s obsession with the oceans and deep sea exploration: “I think we will get the same reaction that we got with Avatar 1. And it will be just fine, because it was already groundbreaking as it was”explained the actress. “So it will be like a continuation of all this – it will be almost like a rediscovery of Pandora, because before we could see Pandora through the forest and through the eyes of the Omaticaya tribe, while now we will enter the world of the Metkayina Na ‘vi and they are the people of the ‘water, and I really think that… this is going to be like a climax for Jim, that he’ll finally get thereopportunity to fully share with us all his passion for water, for the ocean. He’s always had it: He’s had it with The Abyss, with Titanic, in real life with all of her excursions… And I think through the Metkayina tribe and their world, we’ll immerse ourselves in something we’ve never seen before and it will be as revolutionary as Avatar 1 was“.

I think it’s even more mind-blowing than the first one“, continued Sigourney Weaver. “Because it’s just such a new thing for us as humans to feel comfortable underwater. And to feel a connection to the creatures that live under the water. That’s just what I think Jim would accomplish if he could create an experience for us.” – to give us the ability to be underwater without needing to breathe. And he gave it to us here and in a breathtaking way. People won’t want to leave the theaters. They will just want to sit down to review it again and again. Because that’s something you can’t achieve in real life.”

To say goodbye, we leave you with James Cameron’s latest statements on the film. Avatar: The Water Way will debut on December 14th.

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