Manchester City opened the ball on the lawn at Burnley this Friday evening in the Premier League. A move that promises to be a lot easier for Pep Guardiola’s men. And very quickly, the English champions forced the powder to speak with a double from Erling Haaland, who was left on the same base as last season., The Norwegian has displayed an impressive level of form, he will be a big favorite for the next Ballon d’Or alongside Leo Messi.

But the pressure is immense in a team like Manchester City and Pep Guardiola doesn’t want any of his players to leave it. even if our name is erling holland,

Guardiola raised his voice

Pep Guardiola knows that Manchester City will have to be at their best in every match they play to continue winning at the highest level. It will pass strictly. This Friday, when the referee blew the whistle for the break, the former Barca coach didn’t hesitate to pounce on Erling Haaland, before telling the cameraman to get as far away as possible., Watch the full sequence below to see who didn’t fail to respond…

Internet users rejoice

As mentioned above, internet users did not fail to give their opinion on this unusual attitude of Pep Guardiola towards Erling Haaland. We can see in particular the comments on this topic via Twitter as ,

There will still be a lot of pressure on Erling Haaland’s shoulders this season.

But now he probably will not get competition from Killian Embape. Indeed, the latter, whose contractual status is not yet clear, could be cleared by PSG. The capital club is mulling over the possibility of not playing him at all next season. A blow for Mbappe, who has to prepare for Euro 2024 as well as the Olympic Games he would like to play in. The tension in the capital is more evident than ever and the next few days will bring yet more surprises… Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain look to continue their aggressive transfer window and prepare to welcome another Tricolor world champion Ousmane Dembele in the coming hours.