Pep Guardiola gives update on Kevin De Bruyne’s injury (and it doesn’t smell good)

Another blow for Kevin De Bruyne: the Red Devils are injured at Burnley for the resumption of the Premier League. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened in recent months.

After his premature exit in Champions League final, hamstring injury haunts us again Kevin De Bruyne, This led to him leaving the Burnley lawn after barely half an hour.

Essentially, this new physical disturbance in the same place creates anxiety. Did he come back too soon? pep guardiola Ruling was told about it on NBC’s microphone: “Maybe it’s my fault. If a player goes out after an hour, it could be muscle fatigue, but 20 minutes… we’re Kevin And will do concerts with doctors club”.

If the seriousness of the injury has not yet been determined, then KDB will indeed be absent from the field for some time: “De Bruyne will have to go back to the hospital, that’s for sure. It’s okay to feel very bad, but he will be back” continues Guardiola. After Thibaut Courtois’s cruciate ligament rupture, a new tile for Volia red Devils,

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