Peptide injections, this new anti-aging technique that Jennifer Aniston loves

You already know peptides. Indeed, these proteins are found in many anti-aging care, but in tiny quantities. Moreover, they are present naturally in the human body. In fact, they are made up of several amino acids and send signals to skin cells.

Peptides come from the human body

Unfortunately, with aging, natural peptide production declines. This is without counting on the help of science and aesthetic medicine which come to the rescue. Nadine Pomarède, dermatologist, explained: “We can now reproduce them synthetically in the laboratory. They have an identical composition to human peptides and mimic their action by replacing native molecules and stimulating cell regeneration.”

Today, we can therefore have these proteins injected, like Jennifer Aniston. These are real allies against the effects of aging. It is in South Korea that the injectable version was launched. This consists of “peptides in a solution of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid”. A real cocktail of youth!

Where can they be injected?

This ‘magic’ injection can be performed on several areas of the body. In fact, it will depend on where you are targeting. “As for bags of fat under the eyes, until now, we had to go through surgery. The peptides will therefore completely replace the operation, said Valérie Leduc, aesthetic doctor. Additionally, this product would work wonders for chin fat or hair regrowth.

Moreover, the anti-aging effect is not always the number one reason for using peptide injections. However, these proteins revive cellular activity, which helps slow the effects of aging. Nadine Pomarède underlined: “With this new tool, we are taking a further step towards regenerative medicine. We are entering the field of cell biology.”

As noted, peptide injections are commonly used in order to regrow hair. Valérie Leduc revealed: “They provide a real response in a segment where we have few tools. I use an applicator with several needles that go 0.8mm deep into the scalp.” Enough to appeal to those who are losing their hair, but also to people who have lost a lot of substance and thickness.

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The many benefits of these proteins

Peptides also have an action fat burner, especially in areas where stored fat is difficult to dislodge (chin, knees, arms). Without destroying, they trigger a natural process of lipolysis. Furthermore, if you have spots on your body or face, you could also try this option. In fact, these proteins are revolutionizing the field, since before, we could only use laser or peeling.

Overall, this product allows you to have beautiful skin, remove fat and slow down the effects of aging. Like any practice of aesthetic medicine, it involves risks and requires paying a price. This amounts to 250-300 € per session. Very often, several sessions are necessary. Why not try ? Talk to your aesthetic doctor!

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