Peregrine mission abandons goal of reaching moon after ‘significant loss of fuel’

Peregrine mission abandons goal of reaching moon (Astrobotic Technology via AP)

he peregrine falcon moduledeparting this Monday moon It has been more than fifty years since the last moon landing USAAccording to the company, it had only 40 hours of fuel left to enable it to reach its intended destination on February 23. Celestial Robot.

this Peregrine Mission 1 (PM1) Launched earlier this Monday and found success Powerful new Vulcan Centaur rocket of United Launch Alliance (ULA) from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station exist Florida But after a few hours it starts to lose energy.

Although engineers have managed Redirect panel from module to Solar energy provides you with energy After regaining contact with the ship, they showed “significant fuel loss,” he said. Celestial Robot In an update on the mission.

“if Thrusters can continue to operate“We believe that based on current fuel consumption, the spacecraft can continue to maintain a stable orientation for approximately 40 hours,” the company said in a statement. Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania).

Astrobotic’s Peregrine lander was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral earlier this Monday (EUROPA PRESS/NASA)

Given the new panorama, Celestial Robot He said the goal now is to get peregrine falcon module “The more the merrier” moon before it loses its power.

The module is preceded by a 46 days itinerary achieve lunar surface and become America’s first ship Landing on the moon since 1972.

pilgrimage Transporting scientific instruments pot as part of its initiative Commercial Lunar Cargo Service (CLPS) Its goal is to research lunar exosphere (outer layer), Thermal properties of lunar regolith (layer of loose material resting on solid rock), hydrogen on the ground at the landing site and follow radiation environment.

this Investigation missionone of the Mexicans, will also help to better understand processes and planetary evolutionlooking for evidence of the existence of water and other resourcesand support sustainable human exploration long.

The module has 46 days left on its journey to the lunar surface, becoming the first U.S. spacecraft to land on the moon since 1972 (EFE)

in some meaning, pot Assured on Monday that despite the lunar module’s “setback,” it has “more to come” Tools for exploring space“.

Administrator of pot, bill nelsonhighlighted the “success” of the day on social networks New Vulcan Centaur rocket.

he added Celestial Robot Deliveries “are moving forward” as part of the plan CLPS and artemis project return to moon.

Celestial Robot Also applies to pot “Determining the impact of five scientific investigations conducted by the agency on board spacecraft pilgrimage“.

he peregrine falcon module It also carries a piece from Everestas well as ashes and DNA Space enthusiasts like the creator ofStar Trek“, Gene Roddenberry.

(Information from EFE)

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