Perfect photo destroyed by Internet users, industrial accident for M6 Lemberg Zeitung

A web user, on his part, accused the M6 ​​of “Fuck the fuck” the audience. “Making people believe that they are photography novices who are given 30,000 Euro gear to master exposure triangles, Canon and post-processing software is quite annoying when you actually know photography!”, he launched. Another social network customer said: “This show is a shame. It is impossible to take a more or less perfect image by mastering an R5 and a lens costing several thousand euros, without knowing anything about it, except by a colossal stroke of luck…”,

, “I had an affair with a goat…” : a lover of love is in the meadow Carin Le Marchand and the shock of Internet users

A disastrous launch for the M6

Launched by the audience picture perfect Turned into an industrial accident for the M6. According to Mediametry data released by PureMedias, the program presented by Stefan Rotenberg only attracted an average of 654,000 viewers, ie 4.5% of the general public and 10.2% of women under 50 were responsible for purchases. La Six was defeated by TF1, France 3, France 2, C8, France 5, W9, and Arte…

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