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Puebla or Puebla Novenas to play Kings Series this century. The players of the Mexican Baseball League (LMB) never fail when it comes to making the finals.When all this Pericos de Puebla defeats Algodoneros 3-2 in 2023 Finals Series They need only one win from Union Laguna to win the Zasira Cup.

The two Angelopolitan teams were in a similar situation to the 2023 Feathers team, ultimately winning the LMB pennant in six games without needing a final seventh game.

of Tigres de la Angelopolis settled the LMB King Series in 6 games in 2005. At the expense of Saltillo’s Saraperos.The Cats signed up after losing 4-3 in Game 4 to the then-North Zone champions. The fifth match goes 4-1 to 3-2 in their favor. They defeated Saraperos 16-7 in the sixth game and established themselves as Summer Ball champions.

Puebla’s own pericos too They know what it means to lead 3-2 and win the Kings series in six games. However, unlike against Tigres de la Angelopolis in 2016, they controlled the match in a 3-1 win against Toros de Tijuana.

The winged team had the luxury of being eliminated in the fifth game. But it did not fail in its second attempt to liquidate the series After losing 2-0 to Toros de Tijuana in the 6th game, they ended up imposing strict conditions for the 6th game.

And so history repeats itself this year for Pericos de Puebla. Unlike the Tigres of 2005 or the Pericos of 2016, the 2023 version of the winged team started the Serie del Rey 2-0 and managed to come back to claim a 3-0 win at the Estadio de los Hermanos Cerdans. -2, meaning they only needed one more win to turn the tables. Zakira Cup.

Did they win the Záchira Cup at Patio Ageno?

For the second time in this century, With 3 wins and 2 losses in the LMB Final Series, No. 9 from Puebla aims for victory. Pennant at the summer circuit outside Puebla.

Los Pericos had a chance to win the title at Cerdon Brothers Stadium in 2016, butAfter suffering the fifth loss in the series against Toros de Tijuana. They must have gone to the northern border to get all the honors.

The winged team won the sixth game 2-0 to win the Zakira Cup 4-2 at the Gasmart Stadium in Tijuana, Baja California on September 14, 2016. .

The Angelopolis Tigers won the championship in 2005 at Seldon Brothers Stadium.

Perikos before definition

In 2023, Pericos de Puebla had three wins to advance and one failure.what happened in They lost 3-0 to El Aguila de Veracruz in the first round of the postseason, but won their next four games.condemned them to continue into the LMB South Zone playoffs as the biggest losers.

Pericos applied the lessons he learned in the first round of the Zone Series and held on to Mexico’s Red Devils, the best team in 2023 with a win-loss record. Pingos were forced to return to Mexico City after winning the fifth game at the Hermanos Serdan Stadium. Prioritize Green, leaving the series 3 wins and 2 losses. They defeated them at Alfred Harp Hell and saw them advance to the Southern Zone Championship Series.

Pericos remained undefeated in the zonal finals, losing their first chance to defeat Leones de Yucatan, who were leading 3-0, but could not come away with a victory. The winged team ended up taking their fifth win in the series and were crowned champions of the South Circuit.

Now, this Friday, they will try to eliminate Algodoneros de Unión Laguna, who head to the Estadio de la Revolución with a 3-2 lead.

king series 2005

Saraperos de Saltillo 2

Angelopolis Tigers 4

game 1

Saraperos 5

tigers 10

game 2

Saraperos 10

tigers 7

Game 3

tigers 19

Saraperos 10

Game 4

tigers 3

Saraperos 4

Game 5

tigers 4

Saraperos 1

Game 6

Saraperos 7

tigers 16

king series 2016

tijuana bulls 2

puebla parakeet 4

game 1

Parakeet 0

Tijuana 1

game 2

Parakeet 6

Tijuana 3

Game 3

Tijuana 5

Parakeet 8

Game 4

Tijuana 1

Parakeet 5

Game 5

Tijuana 9

Parakeet 2

Game 6

Parakeet 2

Tijuana 0

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