Pernigotti, larvae in chocolates: collect some gianduiotti and cremini

The Ministry of Health has announced that as a precaution, the Pernigotti of Novi Ligure (Alessandria) has ordered the withdrawal from the market of some batches of gianduiotti and cremini, due to the possible presence of foreign bodies, or due to contamination by plodia at the larval stage, known as “flour butterflies”, tiny insects harmless to humans. For the 150 gram packs of ‘Gianduiotto – Chocolate pralines with gianduia hazelnuts’ and ‘Cremino – Milk chocolate and gianduia hazelnuts pralines with hazelnut filling’ produced by Pernigotti.

In the first case, the lots / deadlines L4D 10.04.24 / L4D 13.04.24 / L4D 19.04.24; in the second those 13.04.24 / L4D 14.04.24 / L4D 17.04.24. The invitation to customers is not to consume the product and to return the packaging to the point of purchase.

Died from Listeria in a sausage, the anger of the family: “Elio is gone in four days”

by Federica Cravero

Flour butterflies are a fairly common problem in homes, but obviously they can also proliferate in food industries, production rooms, mills, silos, warehouses and pantries. They mainly infest cereals and derivatives (pasta, flour), dried fruit, dried legumes, dried mushrooms, baked goods, chocolate, milk powder, fruit juices.

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