Peronist Governors Support P60,000 Bonus, Explaining Why They Already Granted Bonuses

Far from skimming the implementation of the bonus Sergio Massa announced on his social networks on Sunday, Peronist governors came out to make it clear in their states They already pay bonuses or have their parity with local state employees adjusted for inflation. Meanwhile, this Wednesday, Massa, together with Tourism and Sports Minister Matthias Ramens, will unveil the fifth edition of the Previaje programme, which will benefit local economies linked to tourism.

in between riversthe state that the ministerial candidate will visit this Wednesday at the direction of the governor Gustavo Borde And his successor candidate, Mayor of Paraná Adam “Bet” Barr, parity with State unions outperformed inflation by 15 percentage pointsThis would also absorb the 22% devaluation on Monday after the election. A source close to the governor explained. time While the local administration’s “non-payment of bonuses is not malice or decision,” workers in ATE and other local unions prefer a system of increased compensation and subsidies, and only once during the pandemic, he said. , used a voucher.

Gustavo Borde, Governor of Entre Rios State

A joint process is underway and an increase was agreed just in August., that is why the decision was made to continue joint negotiations,” the official explained. “We do not disagree with this measure. Mr. Bordet is one of Mr. Massa’s main allies and has even decided not to split the election,” they confirm.

In addition to the announcement of Previaje 5, next to RammensMassa is scheduled to meet with businessmen in the state of Paraná this Wednesday.that side Bahar was better than Rogelio FrigerioBut it’s the combined vote for “Together for Change,” which did an internship with radical candidate Pedro Galimberti, whose fate will be staked on Oct. 22, along with a national vote.

Sergio Giriot, Governor of La Pampa.

Photo: Valera Julian Theram

The Bonds of La Pampa, Santa Cruz and Catamarca

meanwhile, La Pampa has a similar panorama. The parity adjustment has also outpaced inflation and unions have rejected this non-flat bonus. “Here we always had a neat account,” they explain from La Pampa to La Pampa. time.

the pampas One of the few states with a monthly trigger clauseThat is, workers will receive an increase equal to the rate of inflation measured by INDEC. ATE and education and health unions refuse to pay bonuses And they didn’t want parity to change. “We have no workers below the poverty line, the joint venture works on time and bonuses are paid only at the end of the year,” said a Pampas government official.

“Inflation is a problem, but we deal with inflation first semi-annually and now monthly,” they said. Enhancements have also been added to social cards, which are a type of food card.

For his part santa cruz A temporary bonus was already paid in July For 58,000 active and passive workers and workers. This political decision by the Santa Cruz government culminated in an extraordinary bonus and a double per child allowance, bringing the investment to P4.7 billion.

Alicia Kirchner, Governor of Santa Cruz

governor Alice Kirchner On July 15th, both the active and passive personnel of the three powers were charged with giving this. Special bonus 100,000 pesos 60,000 pesos if the gross salary is less than 300,000 pesos and 60,000 pesos if it exceeds.

As for him Governor of Catamarca Raul Jalil “This measure is intended to take care of people in difficult situations, and we intend to accompany any country’s measures,” he said. We are working to make Sergio a future president“We have achieved parity, we have already paid bonuses and we will meet with the unions next week. I have.”

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