Perseid Meteor Shower 2023: How to See Meteor Shower Times and Tears of San Lorenzo

For all astronomy fans, comes one of the most important moments of the yearly calendar: the Tears of San Lorenzo. This phenomenon is known to be close to the day of San Lorenzo. It is held in August every year. Since it is easy to observe, it can be enjoyed by both advanced and inexperienced people.

This star rain is the ideal moment each year gives us to enjoy summer nights. It is one of the Spaniards’ favorite plans to take advantage of the fine weather that is always available on the days the wine is produced and enjoy it.

This astronomical phenomenon can be observed throughout the northern hemisphere. This can be clearly seen in the large number of observable meteors. That works out to about 20-25 every 15 minutes, which is very unusual when other meteor showers are present.

What time is San Lorenzo’s Tears Meteor Shower

San Lorenzo’s tears can be seen more clearly at dawn between 03:00 and 04:45 on August 12-13. In fact, this Perseid meteor shower can be observed from mid-July to late August, and overlaps with famous meteor showers such as the Delta Aquarius meteor shower. But they live out their splendor during the weekend of August 11-13.

How to see Tears of San Lorenzo

The meteor shower can be seen from anywhere where there is no light pollution or obstruction of view. The moon is in its waning phase approaching the new moon on August 16th and doesn’t emit much light, so it won’t be a major obstacle.

You don’t need special equipment, binoculars or a telescope to see San Lorenzo’s Tears. It is enough to wait until it gets dark and watch the sky patiently.

You can also follow them directly.

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