Perugia, “four sexual assaults in one night”: the manager of a nightclub arrested

A woman forced to a sexual intercourse not consenting, other three object of harassment And groping. Coincident and “significantly” stories that led to the arrest of the manager of one dance club from City of the Pieve, in the province of Perugia, by order of the investigating judge of the Court of the Umbrian city. The charge against the man is of sexual violence aggravated by the use of alcohol and continued against four girls.

The facts date back to the night between Saturday And Sunday past, when i carabinieri and the 118 health workers intervened in the room following a call to 112 made by the friends of a twenty-year-old who, in a strong state of agitation, had told of being the victim of sexual violence in the same nightclub by a man who carried out management or collaboration duties and who would have taken advantage of her at the interior of a room.

The girl, transported to the emergency room of Perugia, was submitted to the medical checks, also useful for detecting the signs of the alleged violence suffered. The victim told in detail what happened, explaining that she was approached by a man, albeit in a state of psychophysical alteration due to alcohol intake, and then taken to a room. In there she was repeatedly invited to drink and forced into sexual intercourse not consenting.

In the following hours, the investigations carried out by the carabinieri and coordinated by the prosecutor on duty, led to listen acquaintances And friends of the girl, as well as other customers of the nightclub. Testimonies that, according to the investigators, found “significantly the story” of the woman. Not only that: some girls heard reported that they too were the object of groping and others sexual harassment inside the room and always by man, who is now in prison.

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