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The multiplier effect of any investment is undeniable. And I don’t want it to be understood that I’m only talking about large company investments, because we can see this impact in the investments that small businesses make every day to improve their value proposition.

For example, opening a warehouse in a neighborhood makes access to products and services easier, and generates jobs and income for the store owner and those who help him. If this venture starts to bear fruit, it is possible that other services, such as pharmacies or restaurants and, why not, another winery to compete on an equal footing.

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For over 134 years that we have been in the market, at BCP we know that the arrival of a bank agency in an area has a similar multiplier effect. Around each of the more than 370 agencies we have throughout Peru, at least one Peruvian has been able to finance a project, protect and grow their savings, send and receive money, among other solutions to help them go about their daily lives. Succeeded in simplifying.

We have lived up to the responsibility that comes with having a presence in the most important cities of the country, staying close to people who have transformed their communities and been an example of growth and development.

All these years we have not only offered financial services. For example, we also share knowledge and training through our Contigo Emprendedor BCP program.

In this, our partners train thousands of micro-entrepreneurs in business plan development, among other tools.

Likewise, we have committed ourselves to education to promote access to higher education for youth across Peru through the BCP Scholarship. Thousands of inspiring stories have passed through our agencies and today we want to showcase and recognize them through the Peruvians Que Sumon Awards.

In the midst of a process of digital and cultural transformation that challenges us to be the best, the impact we make on our clients and their environment requires us to be more than just their financial advisors. In every action that generates growth around our agencies, we are reaffirming our commitment to be an ally of our customers, partners and country in helping them turn their plans into reality.

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