Pesticide-free ice cream, the best around: at the supermarket for 90 cents

In the summer months we usually prefer the consumption of fresh foods including, of course, ice cream can certainly not be missing. Here, according to the association Other consumptionwhich are the best packaged ice creams around.

Ice creams –

There is nothing more beautiful, in summer, than indulging in a good one ice cream to combat high temperatures, be it artisanal, packaged, cone or cup. Obviously, not all ice creams are the same, both in terms of taste and size, and in terms of quality and nutritional intake.

To draw up one list of the best packaged ice creams, for quality / price ratio, the association dedicated to consumers Other consumption which, long ago, tested well one hundred forty five ice creams, taking into consideration different brands, sizes and categories. Let’s find out together, therefore, what emerged from this Research.

The best ice cream according to “Altroconsumo”

When we are undecided about which ice cream to eat, our choice is guided only by the taste personal. Some time ago, however, the consumer association Other consumptionafter having tested one hundred and forty-five of them, he compiled a list of those who turned out to be the best packaged ice cream.

Different packaged ice creams
Packaged ice creams –

According to research done by Other consumptiontaking into account the nutritional values, the best packaged ice cream was the mini cone with cream Conadwith a price of only twenty five cents per portion. This is followed by the mini chocolate cone, also branded Conad; the mini biscuit Conadon a par with the croissant Algida ee the cream and chocolate cone Coop; the mini cone long S; the sorbet with berries Carrefour and, on an equal footing, the “Pan di Stelle” biscuit Sammontana and the “Nuii” stick Algidathe latter just ninety cents per portion.

Ice creams
Ice cream –

Of the products examined, of course, those that received a higher score were those with a lower presence of fatsugars and salt, and with a share of fruit, fibers and higher protein.

Calorie intake and meal replacement

To affect thecaloric intake of ice cream there are many factors. THE iciclesfor example, have far fewer calories compared to ice cream, as well as, of course, i mini ice creams packaged products that we find at the supermarket are less caloric than those with dimensions standard.

Packaged ice cream
Ice cream on a stick –

The flavors of ice cream can also negatively or positively affect calorie intake. The calories provided by ice cream based on fruitin fact, they are considerably lower than those of ice creams with creams and grains.

Always second Other consumptionconsume ice cream in replacement of a meal cannot be considered a good daily habit as, by doing so, the intake of sugars and fats would be excessive.

It is therefore right, during the summer months, to prefer fresh food, but with a well nutritional intake balanced. In case you want to make an exception to the rule, better prefer the so-called mini ice creams.

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