Peszko reacts to Podolski’s entry about the Legion. “Don’t fuck in the tray …” He beats none

After the match between Legia Warszawa and Grnik Zabrze, the rivalry between the communities of both teams moved to social media. It started with the entry of the scorer of one of the goals in the 3-2 win by Lukas Podolski in the Zabrze game.

Podolski criticized for posting after the Legia-Górnik match. “You are an idiot”

The footballer first posted on his Twitter profile a photo of the banner from the stands: “Although it stinks and poverty in Zabrze, you have to go after Legia. 21.11”. Immediately after the match, he signed it and sent the words to the fans of Legia: “It’s nice that you were in Zabrze”, sending them also an ironic kiss. Later, a series of his entries hitting fans from Warsaw appeared.

Łukasz TeodorczykTeodorczyk’s manager briefly on his return to the league. There is a comment

His behavior was criticized, for example, by Łukasz “Juras” Jurkowski. “Hey Podolski, you are an idiot. Unless you have no control over your SM account [social mediach]. By employing such a ram, you confirm my thesis “- he wrote.

Poland vs LithuaniaTeodorczyk, close to return! The sensational return to the league is getting closer

Peszko defends Podolski. “I know you don’t fuck in dance ….”

Now Sławomir Peszko has stood up for the world champion from 2014. “Poldi likes to use Twitter himself and writes there personally. I’ve known him long enough that I know that he is not fucking dancing …. He just says and writes what he thinks. Just like he is sometimes pugnacious on the pitch, he also happens to be aggressive in the media “- wrote Podolski’s former colleague from FC Koeln in a column for the portal.

Lech PoznanLech Poznań close to the agreement with the star. Important information for Skorża

– Who as a minor, playing for the German national team, was able to slap Michael Ballack, then probably the captain of the German team? Just “Poldi”. Do you think he cares about a few fans’ entries on the Internet or the words of journalists? – added Peszko.

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