Petrobras readjusts petrol and diesel prices for distributors

Petrobras announced this Tuesday in Rio de Janeiro that it will readjust its gasoline and diesel prices starting tomorrow. The average price of gasoline A, produced in oil refineries and delivered directly to distributors, will increase by 0.41 reais per liter, to which he will be sold at 2.93 reais. The growth rate is approximately 16%.

“Considering that the composition of gasoline sold at gas stations is mandated to be a mixture of 73% A gasoline and 27% absolute ethanol, Petrobras’ share of the consumer price is approx. It will average 2.14 reais,” the company said in a statement.

Despite this realignment, gasoline prices sold to distributors accumulate a reduction of 0.15 reais per liter annually.


For diesel, Petrobras will raise the average selling price to distributors by 0.78 reais to reach 3.80 reais per liter. Readjustment corresponds to 26%.

Considering the mandatory mix of 88% refinery A-diesel and 12% biodiesel for the composition of diesel sold at petrol stations, Petrobras’ share in the consumer price averaged 3.34 reais per case. Masu. per liter.

This year, Petrobras’ diesel selling price for dealers will be cumulatively reduced by 0.69 reais per liter.

Petrobras’ share of the fuel price is not the final value consumers get from the pump. This is because taxes and profit margins from distribution and service stations are still included in the calculation.

New pricing policy

Petrobras clarified that its new pricing policy “incorporates parameters that reflect Petrobras’ best refining and logistics conditions in its pricing.”

According to the company, “Initially, this will allow the company to lower petrol and diesel prices, and in the coming weeks to mitigate the impact of volatility and external price spikes and provide a period of price stability for its customers. I was able to do it. ”.

“However, oil prices have stabilized at another level and Petrobras has reached the limits of business optimization, including the implementation of complementary imports, so it will be necessary to adjust the prices of both fuels within limits. There is,” he points out. A parameter of a commercial strategy aimed at rebalancing the market and marginal value of Petrobras. ”

In its assessment, the new pricing policy maintains a “healthy competitive environment under the terms of existing law” while avoiding passing on to consumers fluctuations in international markets and exchange rates.

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