Petrol price, the news make motorists smile: the details

Petrol price, the news make motorists smile: the details. The data that arrives on the cost of fuels represents a breath of fresh air

Continue our almost daily journey on the variations of fuel prices that so much interest to all those who habitually spend several hours in the car or on a road transport. After weeks of reckless and uncontrolled increases, something is moving towards a gradual return to much more acceptable rates.

Petrol (Ansa)

To make the difference in recent days is the price per barrel of oil which in the last few hours has fallen below the fateful threshold of 100 dollars. The main causes of this reduction in the cost of oil are to be found in the drop in demand for gas and the increase in crude oil inventories in the United States.

Consequently, the international price of petrol is falling, while that of diesel is rising. For all the aforementioned reasons, they seem to be in continuous and gradual descent in Italy, the national average prices of gasoline (self service below 1.85 euros / liter) And diesel (self service a 1.83 euros / liter), especially with regard to white pumps.

On the other hand, the prices of natural gas for cars still rose sharply (beyond 2.4 euros / kg). The recommended price lists of the major fuel producing brands have remained unchanged compared to a few days ago.

Gasoline price, the self-service of the big brands drops to 1.84 euros

Petrol price (Ansa)

In the classic daily report on changes in fuel costs, it is evident that gasoline is decreasing everywhere. A price reduction not massive, but progressive and gradual, however pleasing to motorists.

This is good news after the disproportionate increases recorded in the previous weeks, especially during the months of May and June.

These are the averages of the prices communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and processed by the Relay, measured at 8 on Thursday morning on about 15 thousand plants.

Self-service petrol it’s at 1,849 euros / liter (-13 thousandths, 1,852 companies, 1,843 white pumps), the diesel to 1,830 euros / liter (-11, 1,832 companies, 1,824 white pumps).

Slightly higher the price of the gasoline servednow at 1,998 euros / liter (-13, 2,042 companies, 1,914 white pumps), while the diesel it’s at 1,981 euros / liter (-10, 2,024 companies, 1,896 white pumps).

The gpl served costs € 0.812 / liter (-1, companies 0,822, white pumps 0,801), methane served 2,436 euros / kg (+65, 2,439 companies, 2,434 white pumps), the LNG 2,576 euros / kg (+119, companies 2,628 euros / kg, white pumps 2,547 euros / kg).

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