Petrol prices: the trend for 1 October 2022, diesel, LPG and methane

Last days of declines for fuel prices but for the beginning of October the trend indicates new increases for petrol and diesel. The elaborations of Staffetta Quotidiana

Gasoline could ignite. Yet. After a month of relative quiet, on 30 September the recommended prices at the pump started to rise again, for the first time since the end of August. In fact, although the national averages indicate a slight decrease (because they are affected by the small decreases that occurred in the previous days), the trend for the weekend suggests further increases, according to the surveys and calculations of Daily Relaythe specialist magazine on energy issues.

Fuel prices, the surveys of Staffetta Quotidiana

For now, fuel prices have fallen, although the indicators suggest that the trend is about to reverse. These are the elaborations of Daily Relay on the data transmitted by the operators to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development, recorded on 29 September at 8 am on 15 thousand systems of the ordinary road network: self-service petrol 1.644 euros per liter (-3 thousandths), diesel 1.747 euros (-4) ; petrol served € 1,792 (-2), diesel € 1,892 (-3); LPG served € 0.791 per liter (-1); methane served 3.047 euros per kg (+1), LNG 3.218 euros / kg (-20). The average of the plants located along the highways instead sees self-service petrol at 1,749 euros per liter (2.016 served), diesel at 1.847 euros (2.105 served), LPG at 0.894 euros, methane at 3.710 euros / kg and LNG at € 3.422 / kg.

The price trend

The energy warhead Daily Relay has created a very clear tool to immediately summarize the trend in the prices of the most popular fuels: it is called Carburetor. Two dashboard dials, only instead of rev counter and speedometer we have petrol and diesel. The values ​​refer to the forecast for prices in Italy, based on the trend of the international oil markets. As you can see from the photo above, the trend for Saturday 1 October 2022 indicates a price of 1,644 euros per liter for petrol and 1,747 euros for diesel.

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