Petrol, the self-service green for 1.6 euros in Grosseto: the new prices. That’s why they go down

Florence, 9 August 2022 – The decline in the price of fuel continues due in particular to the fall in the international prices of petroleum products. Eni size 2 cents , both on petrol and diesel. The self is in particular going down. In detail, based on the processing of Quotidiano Energia of the data communicated by the operators to the Price observers of Mise updated at 8 am yesterday 8 August, the national average price of petrol in self mode is 1,823 euros per liter while for the diesel self is 1.807 . For the service, the average price charged for gasoline stands at 1.974 euros per liter and diesel is on average at 1.956.

Because the prices go down
Internationally, there is a decline in the prices of petroleum products with indicators Wti (reference for the US oil market) e Brent (for oil extracted in the North Sea) which are falling. The first, listed at $ 90.22 per barrel, loses 0.59 percent the second, a 96.19 dollars a barrel falls by 0.48 per cent or. The demand for crude oil is slowing. China imports oil, but less than expected and uncertainty also affects the markets, with investors pulling the brakes awaiting developments in the international scenario.

The situation in Tuscany
Taking into consideration the data published by the Mise Fuel Price Observatory, today, 9 August, the DIY green is largely maintained below 1.8 per liter . The cheapest Grosseto where, today’s quotations, self gasoline is also found to 1.6 euros per liter, in particular at the Tamoil petrol station in via Senese (1.606) and at Esso in viale Sonnino (1.618 for both petrol and diesel self). TO Florence at Eni in via Bolognese is a 1,779 in that of via Sestese a 1,759 euros per liter . The Tamoil in viale Guidoni is also at 1,779 euros per liter, while do-it-yourself diesel can be bought at 1,759 per liter. Even less is spent in Siena – where in via Massetana 61 the green self is at € 1,759 per liter and DIY diesel at 1,749 – and in Pisa. For example at Eni in San Giuliano Terme in the Pisan province, do-it-yourself unleaded gasoline exceeds by very little the 1.7 euros per liter and the IP of via San Pio in Pisa is a 1,744 euros per liter. And of € 1.707 per liter the minimum quotation of DIY green in Prato in via Nam Dihn on the north side.

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