PewDiePie will temporarily leave YouTube in 2020

Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has announced that he will “take a break” from YouTube next year, following in the wake of other content creators of the video platform, such as ElRubius or Jordi Wild

   The ‘YouTuber’ has shared his plans with his followers in a video posted on Saturday, in which he says he is “very tired”, and that is why, next year, he will be off the video platform “for a while”, which you have not specified.

   Thus, the Swedish ‘YouTuber’ has informed that it will “take a break”, a decision that already advanced in August, when, in another video, he said that “it would be nice to take a break at some point. It would be nice not to think of YouTube for the first time in ten years. “

   PewDiePie has a series of milestones on YouTube: it has been the first individual content creator to reach one hundred million subscribers (102 million today) and is among the highest-paid YouTubers (15.5 million dollars in 2018, according to Forbes).

In his farewell video, PewDiePie has taken the opportunity to show his disagreement with some of the policies introduced by YouTube, such as the last one that hardens implicit threats and hardens sanctions against stalkers.

   However, his career is not without controversy. In early 2017, and following a video in which he records himself while reacting to an image of two boys holding a poster with anti-Semitic content, Disney withdrew its advertising support. It was not, in fact, the first video he published of that style.

   In a blog post, Kjellberg said he “in no way supported attitudes of hate,” and defended that he creates content “as entertainment and not as a place for serious political comments.”

   This year, and unintentionally, his alias on YouTube became linked to the terrorist attack of a mosque in Christchurch (New Zealand) in which 49 people died at the hands of a young white supremacist who broadcast live the killing on Facebook.

   The author, who had radicalized through the Internet, moments before committing the murder, delivered the message “remember, guys, subscribe to the PewDiePie channel”.

   Although the PewDiePie channel has no relation to terrorism, the mention of PewDiePie has been identified as a consequence of YouTube’s recommendations, which derived the author of videos similar to those of PewDiePie, with satirical humour about minorities, to other videos with extreme positions and, ultimately, to the forums that led to their radicalization.


   The Swedish ‘Youtuber’ is not the first to announce that he is temporarily retiring to take a break. Without going too far, ElRubius (Rubén Doblas) announced in May of last year that he was going to “take time”. He acknowledged that he was not well, that it was getting harder and harder to “get in front of the camera and record videos and make direct”

   In his explanation, he says that he felt “more and more pressure” and even mentions the “anxiety and nerves of trying to be the best version” of himself.

   Another popular ‘Youtuber’, Jordi Wild (Jordi Carrillo), also informed his followers, in September 2017, that he was temporarily disappearing, because he felt unmotivated and needed to “recover the illusion” on a platform where he had been four years ago.

The reasons that lead these creators to temporarily move away from the platform that has made them famous are, precisely, on YouTube. What for many began as a hobby, ended up becoming its main source of income, which forced not only to devote more time but also to better plan the content that went up to their channels, to evolve with their audience without losing the essence that had catapulted them to success.

In addition to the expectations of its followers, together with the public exhibition, which is not always positive, there are also changes in monetization that YouTube has been introducing in recent years. Precisely, one of Wild’s reasons was the reduction, by 80 per cent, of his monthly billing. 

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