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A story with incredible contents, an investigation – the one currently entrusted to the agents of the police station of Ischia, led by the deputy commissioner Ciro Re – started in a decidedly casual manner, in fact following one of the usual checkpoints that in this hot month in August they are arranged in every time slot of the territory in particularly sensitive areas frequented by residents and tourists. And an investigative activity that promises to give decidedly heavy implications has had its genesis in recent days, in the central Piazza Antica Reggia of Ischia Porto. A steering wheel is carrying out a normal roadblock and in the course of the activity a car with a Neapolitan married couple on board is stopped. These are RE and FL The two show the driver’s license, passenger identification document and vehicle registration document as per practice. The operating agents immediately realize that the car and its driver are both attributable to the territory of the Campania Region and therefore, due to the disembarkation ban, it could not circulate on the island. Unless it is provided with a particular exemption issued by the Prefecture of Naples or by the municipal police of one of the six island municipalities. Obviously the driver of the car is pointed out the anomaly but the man shows no sign of embarrassment and shows the guardian of the order a disembarkation and circulation permit (which we show you in the image on the page), made out to the companion, of the Municipality of Lacco Ameno with a lot of signature of the institution of Piazza Santa Restituta.

But it is a piece of paper that cannot deceive the policemen, who have seen many of the landing and circulation permits in derogation of the prohibition and therefore have now acquired a clinical eye. That permit really seems to be a “pezzotto” circumstance that will soon be confirmed by the municipal police of the Municipality of the Mushroom, who will report that they have never issued any such document in favor of FL. At this point the two are taken to the office in via delle Terme to be heard and here comes the most interesting part of the story. When questioned by the agents, RE reports to them that that permit was provided to him by a professional from Ischia, a lawyer, who had intended to obtain it for him to repay some of the commissions received. But what does a local photo exponent have to do with a fake permit? And then go with the third act of this affair, with the lawyer who is called to the police station. In front of the policemen, he reports that he knows the man and his partner, also declaring that they are his customers but when asked if he was the one who provided the fake disembarkation and circulation permit, he replies with a mandatory “no” and then reiterates investigators not knowing how they got it. A version, however, that little convinces the staff at the disposal of the assistant commissioner Ciro Re, who hypothesizes that the lawyer has given the only answer capable of not throwing himself in the foot alone.

The assistant commissioner Ciro Re

The conclusion of the story – or rather the first part of the story – is all too obvious. The two spouses are under investigation for the crime of receiving stolen goods and for material falsehood in a public deed, an accusation that is also challenged against the lawyer and a fourth person still unknown. Yes, because here we need to ask ourselves two questions: who printed the pezzotto permit (which also seems not to be the only one in circulation)? And above all, how did the “mister X” in question also obtain stamps from the Municipality of Lacco Ameno? This is why the police investigation continues and also seems to be headed in a very specific direction. That’s why the impression is that this novel has yet to write a few more chapters. Smart pauca …

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