Pfizer advertises vaccinations in GTA Online. Players can vaccinate their avatars

GTA RP (roleplay) is such a big phenomenon that we devoted all the material to it at one time. Players, instead of trying to fulfill the goals prepared by the creators, play the role of “ordinary” residents and spend long hours on servers, during which they are, for example, policemen, car mechanics, factory workers, etc. After work, they meet other players, talk, they are having fun, and occasionally they plan to make some extra money here.

Both teenagers and adults play in GTA RP. This is a good place to hit such a target with any message. The idea of ​​a promotional campaign on the largest South American server of GTA RP – Cidade Alta – came up with Pfizer, the producer of the COVID-19 vaccine. Events on this server are followed daily by up to 6 million people who watch streams on various platforms.

Until November 25, there are vaccination points in the game world where you can come to vaccinate your avatar and claim your reward. After posting a photo of their vaccinated character on Instagram or Twitter, along with the appropriate hashtag and the information that they are also vaccinated in the real world, players receive game bonuses. It is a bandage that adds immunity and symbolizes vaccination, as well as a special commemorative clothing.

You can watch the in-game action video below:

Famous Latin American GTA streamers are “working” at medical points to encourage immunization in GTA Online. Players who came for the procedure had the opportunity to chat with their idols for a while during the “treatment”. The campaign was organized by the Ogilvy advertising agency.

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