Pfizer under investigation in Italy: here’s why

Two fundamental premises. First: we do not move an inch from the guarantee principle according to which an assessment is nothing more than the search for evidence on a violation that perhaps does not exist. In short, this is not a conviction and the suspect is innocent. Second: the facts that they would concern Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant that has created and sold billions of doses of the anti-Covid vaccine, has nothing to do with the pandemic emergency. Having made the necessary premises, here is the news: Pfizer is in the crosshairs of the Guardia di Finanza and de Fisco for an alleged tax evasion.

All this, according to reports Bloombergconcerns the alleged maneuver implemented by the company to hide the profits produced between 2017 and 2019 from the Italian tax authorities. The figure would be around 1.2 billion euros, profits that would have ended up in the coffers of foreign companies of the same group (Pfizer Production LLC and Pfizer Manufacturing LL) based in the USA and the Netherlands. All this to avoid the tax on profits that goes up to 26%. True? False? Are they the theorems of the accusation? We’ll see.

For its part, the Pfizer he made it known that “the company is offering maximum collaboration” and that “it has complied with all Italian tax laws and laws”. According to Courier “It is an administrative activity, the outcome of which is not yet defined”. And above all, “There is still no assessment report and the party has not yet been notified of anything. The checks will continue in the next few days “.

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