PFR shield. Until when will the subsidy be settled? Don’t miss an important appointment

So far, only 3,000 applications have submitted correctly completed applications. out of the obliged to do so 7 thousand. entrepreneurs. PFR 2.0 Shield billing date for small and medium-sized companies (employing from 10 to 249 employees) ends January 15th.

However, entrepreneurs who want to be sure that they will correctly settle the subsidy and thus receive a decision to cancel it in April, should submit a settlement statement with the relevant attachments to the bank on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at the latest.

– Only then will receive confirmation on Friday that the documents they submitted do not contain errors, and those who sent the settlement with, for example, incorrect JPK files, will be able to correct them on Saturday until midnight – explained the vice president of PFR.

PFR shield. Settlement of subsidies

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