PGE invests in Bełchatów. New jobs and laboratories in Lower Silesia – Dzień Dobry Bełchatów – Wiadomości Bełchatów

The PGE concern has announced the commencement of construction Closed Circular Economy Research and Development Center in Bełchatów. What is under this name? In the building of the former “Czardasz” in the Dolnośląskie estate, they will develop and implement solutions aimed at the use of post-industrial waste from the energy sector and the recovery of valuable raw materials from used renewable energy installations.

As PGE assures, a central center of research and development competences in the field of waste management from the energy industry with its own research and technical laboratory. It is here that work on technologies and solutions is to take place waste processing, recovery of raw materials and the production of valuable products from the obtained resources.

PGE ensures that it is an investment in the future that meets the challenges that will have to be faced not only in Poland, but also around the world. According to estimates, by 2050 on a global scale 78 million tonnes of RES-related waste may be generated. Therefore, the concern, along with the development of renewable energy sources, carries out investments that will allow for the management of waste from renewable energy installations.

– This is another PGE initiative aimed at providing jobs for the inhabitants of this region and its development. We will conduct innovative activities here with universities, which will aim to develop new solutions for the recovery of products from renewable energy sources that can be used again in the economy – says Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

As he emphasized, the company declared zero emissions by 2050 in its strategy. The implementation of the principles of the Circular Economy is to significantly help in this. The GZO Development and Research Center will create a new workplace. Initially, it will be around 50 jobs. However, PGE is talking about another several hundred in the future.

– This is another step to locate activities here that will create jobs, but also give impetus to the region. In the future, we see great potential for development in this segment. It will be one of the main pillars of our activity after the allocation of coal assets to NABE – says Wojciech Dąbrowski.

The company responsible in the PGE Group for the closed-loop economy segment is PGE Ekoserwis.

– We are creating a modern center in Bełchatów, which will consist of a specialized laboratory, as well as the entire competence center of specialized staff for research and development. This place will have an impact on the economic area of ​​the entire Poland in terms of solutions dedicated to the energy and mining industries – he says Lech Sekyra, president of PGE Ekoserwis.

As he adds, the key challenges that the center will face in the near future are, above all, dealing with worn-out photovoltaic panels and elements of wind turbines.

– Our goal is to prepare ourselves to be able to recover these raw materials and minimize the environmental impact of these installations – says Lech Sekyra.

The center in Bełchatów is also to be a link for the world of science and business. The plans include broad cooperation with universities, including AGH in Kraków, Warsaw University of Technology, Łódź and Silesian University of Technology. The PGE concern emphasizes that the center is to be an opportunity for the region, but also a flywheel for new investments dedicated to the transformation of coal energy and mining in the Bełchatów region.

– We are already analyzing investments at the level of over PLN 1 billion, which this center is to link in terms of technology and development – says Lech Sekyra.

The center will be opened in Bełchatów in 2022. PGE emphasizes that one of its priorities is to reduce the environmental impact through the efficient use of resources, increasing the use of waste management and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

– In addition to investments in renewable energy sources, closing the cycle of raw materials and increasing the degree of their use are an important process in the PGE Group, included in the Group’s strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2050 – informs Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

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