Phil Collins sick, the last concert with Genesis-

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Farewell to the fans during the Genesis live. Now I’ll have to find a real job

Now he will have to find a real job. The disenchantment of irony mixed with the pain (in body and soul) of sadness. Phil Collins hangs up his sticks and says goodbye to live shows. A date to mark: the Genesis concert on Saturday 26 March in London, at the 02 Arena, was the last of his life (as he says, as it actually happened in the past too, but this time it seems really different: I’m sick, I have eight screws in my back a sentence that smacks of a sentence). A music legend — 150 million copies sold worldwide, hits that everyone has heard, even if only by accident, from Another Day in Paradise to One More Night — that at 71 he has to surrender to the aches and pains of a physicist who no longer responds to the commands of the brain as he once did.

Weak and tired, frail

After 14 years of absence, the Genesis tour – with keyboardist Tony Banks and guitarist-bassist Mike Rutherford – showed a weak and fatigued, fragile Phil Collins, who performed sitting down and couldn’t even use a cane to walk. His state of him, over time, a slow and inexorable physical decline: it happened gradually, the first sign during the Genesis reunion in 2007 – he told Rolling Stone —. Then one night I played with Clapton and I had a feeling like, “This just can’t happen to me.” I’m scared. One of my few certainties was that I could sit down at the drums and do something good, and suddenly I wasn’t able to. A descent into hell, from phenomenal drummer to one who could barely hold a stick in his hand, all starting from a crushing of the vertebrae due to the position in which he played the drums: hence a first surgery, then a second, which they caused him nerve injuries.

I drank vodka from the fridge in the morning

To worsen the clinical picture, diabetes problems, acute pancreatitis, heavy dependence on alcohol: In a few months you drink vodka from the fridge in the morning and fall in front of the children. I didn’t know I was close to death. If I kept drinking, my organs would stop working. I was ruining myself, because I mixed alcohol and painkillers. Born on January 30, 1951, Phil Collins represents a very rare case in the history of rock: in the 70s he began his career with Genesis as a drummer, then becoming the voice of the group when Peter Gabriel left in 1975. With him the band artistically he changed his ways, but achieved that planetary success from which Gabriel had fled. But that’s not all: as a soloist Collins has not only created a career as a star, but also indulged in the whim of recording one of the most famous drum fills in history, that of In The Air Tonight. Lots of ups and some downs, every now and then the intention to retire appears, as in 2010 due to the usual health problems and the desire to devote more time to one’s family.

Three wives and a mind-boggling divorce

A professional life of stratospheric success and a restless private life, made up of three marriages, the last concluded in a traumatic way (for him). Collins had married a third time to the Swiss Orianne Cevey, in 1999. After 11 years and 2 children, a £ 25 million divorce arrived (at the time the most expensive separation ever to happen to a British celebrity). Then — surprise — in 2016 he reunited with his ex-wife, but four years later the singer filed an eviction notice against the woman after she had secretly married another man. She had left him a lapidary note: I have found another man and I want to try to be happy again.

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