Phil Collins today: illness, last concert and daughter Lily Collins

Phil Collins says goodbye to live: the concert of genesis on Saturday 26 March a London, at the 02 Arena, was the last of his life. The music legend, 71, can no longer play after back surgeries.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming tonight. We are Genesis and we are here to entertain you. This is the last date of our tour and, to tell the truth, after 53 years it is also the last Genesis concert. Ok, let’s play something before my eyes water,” said the star from the London stage. However, the magician didn’t take away the irony from him, since he later added: “Now I’ll have to find a real job”.

THE Health problems by Phil Collins date back to at least 2009, when the musician suffered a crush of vertebrae due to the position in which he played the drums: hence a first surgery, followed by another in 2015 resulting in nerve damage. To worsen the clinical picture, diabetes problems, acute pancreatitis, a bad fall in 2017 in which he hit his head and which forced him to suspend the Not Dead Yet Live Tour.

“I have eight screws in my back, the surgery left my foot numb. I don’t do anything – he explained to the Guardian newspaper – I don’t even train to sing at home. The evidence is the practice. My health changes things.” In an interview with the BBC he had told of his frustrations and a dream, to perform with the son Nicholas: “I’d love to play with him on stage, but I can barely hold a stick in my hand,” he admitted.

To report it too Linus And Nicholas Savino to Deejay calls Italythe conductors talked about Phil Collins’ health problems and remembered when he was a guest on Radio Deejay in the Via Massena studios.

Phil Collins says goodbye to live shows: “Back pain doesn’t give me a break”

Phil Collins on Radio Deejay in 2010

Born January 30, 1951, Phil Collins began his career in the 1970s with i genesis as a drummer, later becoming the voice of the group when Peter Gabriel he left in 1975. With him the band artistically changed direction, but achieved that planetary success from which Gabriel had fled.

Phil Collins has also left his mark as a producer and author of hits such as “You’ll Be in My Heart”, in the soundtrack of “Tarzan” the Disney cartoon that earned him an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best original song and , not to miss anything, even the star on the Walk of Fame.

Lily Collins, Phil’s daughter: “It’s the end of an era, thanks dad for being an inspiration”

The actress Lily Collinsthe 33-year-old daughter of Phil Collins and very popular for her role in the series Emily in Pariswas present at the concert and shared a long dedication for his father on Instagram.

This night marks the end of an era. Attending this last show was truly the memory of a lifetime and an event that I will carry in my heart forever. To say that I am infinitely grateful would not do it justice, however. Much love was left on that stage and an even greater amount shared among an audience that didn’t want it to end. Thanks Genesis for the memories, thanks dad for being such an inspiration and thanks to Nic for making me the proudest sister ever. Fifty years of songs later, there will still be new generations more ready to celebrate you, even long after this tour is over.

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