Phil Spencer dreams of universal cross-platform bans

January 11, 2022, 13:45

Phil Spencer from Xbox would like a cross-platform ban system. He also mentioned the black leaf.

Phil Spencer recently gave an interview with the New York Times in which he spoke about how metaverse elements are permeating the gaming industry. During the conversation, the Xbox boss revealed that he would like to see a cross-platform ban system in the future.

The assumption of this idea is quite simple ?? if a person were banned in a certain place, the ban would also apply on other platforms. However, it should be borne in mind that it would be difficult to implement. It would require cooperation between many companies offering their own network services.

What? What I would like to see, but it is difficult to implement for the industry, is a system that would make that when who ?? it gets a ban on one of our networks and it gets banned from other services as well.

It is worth recalling that with bans on a larger scale experimented already Activision. Cheaters in CoD Warzone received blockades on all their accounts, regardless of whether they played battle royale on them or not. However, this only applied to the PC.

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The other option Spencer has proposed is the blacklist. Users would assign people to it that they would not like to play with. Ideally, it should also work cross-platform.

Additionally, Phil Spencer emphasized that Microsoft is still working on more effective catching toxic players on the Xbox Live network.

Time will tell if we will ever get such extensive systems banning toxic or cheating players.

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