Philadelphia Union 2-1 Queretaro (08/11/2023) Match Analysis

Queretaro Unable to face adversity, he gave in after 100 minutes. Philadelphia Unionwith a controversial goal at the end of the game and one man down after Omar Mendoza was sent off, to win the match 2-1.

Therefore, the dream white roosters in the quarter-finals of league cupat Subaru Park in Chester, Pennsylvania, where the referee added 10 minutes to the match, the hour in which Philadelphia’s winning goal was lost.

An electrical failure delayed the start of the game by just over an hour. It was scheduled for 6 p.m. Mexico time, but finally started at 7:12 p.m. this Friday.

Queretaro He was overwhelmed by his rivals in the opening minutes and had little chance of doing anything up front.

Soon, Union already took the lead when Venezuelan Jesús Bueno scored in the 10th minute from between two defenders.

Los Garros were eliminated after a last-minute goal and a clear offside.
Los Garros were eliminated after a last-minute goal and a clear offside.

rooster Considering the disadvantage on the scoreboard, they reorganized the defense and aimed to develop an offensive game, but the opponent continued to arrive at the rival’s territory with plenty of time to seek the second goal.

Julián Carranza’s shot bounced off the right post of the goal, surprising Fernando Tapia, but the referee called it offside.

A nervous team played their part and there was a small skirmish around the 20th minute after Pablo Barrera attempted a header to defender Damion Lowe.

among many men rooster He tried to control the ball to make a comeback, but he calmed down and continued to have friction with the opponent.

Jordan Silva wasted an opportunity in the 38th minute after going up to the left and receiving a pass. Philadelphia was devoted to waiting for Queretarowho did the unspeakable to find a tie goal, but could not find a way to do it.

And when the local force rose by a slight difference, it was time to take a break.

rooster He returned to the scene vigorously, union He settled well defensively and continued to aim for the opposite goal with long strokes.

Queretaro break through the defense fence Philadelphiaafter a Jaime Gomes cross, Ángel Sepulveda ‘sang’ the equalizer with a volley shot that sent the ball to the second post.

When Cameroon’s Olivier Mbaizo elbowed Raúl Sandoval, the referee said nothing and Queretaros called for a VAR review. The game was still hot in the dim light.

Fernando Tapia covered a shot in the 83rd minute. unionleaning to the left, those he already rooster He played a “razor blade” against his opponent’s attacks.

The referee added 10 minutes to the regulation time and the match was still hotly contested until a foul on Omar Mendoza outside the area resulted in a second yellow and eventually a red card. The team scored 10 points.

After the union ball hits the post, roosterending in a goal for Philadelphia, a controversial move to end the game in victory and advance to the semi-finals. league cup.

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