Philip Treacy, the designer of hats loved by Kate Middleton’s signature the visors anti Covid-19

It’s called Philip Treacy and is the designer of the hats, England’s most famous, beloved by the women of the Royal Family, by Kate Middleton to Camilla, but also by international stars such as Lady Gaga. He became known with his hat-sculpture decorated with daisies, peonies, parrot but today, in full emergency Coronavirushe decided to put his talents at the disposal of the health emergency. From this moment on, his brand will produce only visors anti Covid-19 to be allocated to healthcare staff in London. The hope is that a small gesture such as this will allow you to do some step forward towards better days

Philip Treacy: “the focus Must be on what matters seriously”

With the beginning of spring, between Royal Ascot and the Chelsea Flower Show, Philip Treacy would have to be busy in the realization of new hats, sculpture, original and over the top but this year things have changed: due to the emergency Coronavirus, the most eagerly awaited events by the british aristocracy have been cancelled. The designer has thought it best not to remain with empty hands, and, with the motto “It is time to focus on what matters seriously“he announced that the factories of his brand, will produce visor anti Covid-19. The hope is that we can give a concrete help to all those who every day fight first in line to put an end to this nightmare.

With the help of my studio staff and I will be helping the Visor Army produces protective visors for healthcare professionals across London. The current scenario meant an extraordinary shift in the way we live our lives and re-evaluation of what is important. No-one is unaffected and all support, little or big, is a step closer to better days. The visors are simple to make and no special skill is required. Visit their Facebook page (link in bio) for more info on how you too can help from your home. They now need willing individuals, factories, small businesses or production units to help strengthen the community effort. Visor Army – Make a Visor, Save a Hero ” #visorarmy are a community-based volunteer group making medical Visors at home, for use by ICU doctors and nurses across London hospitals. The brainchild of ICU Consultant Deborah Braham, the protective Visors are made using a glue gun and 3 simple components: acetate sheets, foam padding and elastic. 3000 visors have been used across London hospitals to date, and more are being requested every day! These Visors are vital protective equipment for the ICU staff, and help save their life every time they are worn. This silent army marching behind our front-line NHS staff, have brought hope to many and key protection to those who need it most. How can you help? They now need factories, small businesses or production units to help strengthen the community effort and help to make Visors too! Can your business help? Components are provided. The Visor Army are also grateful for donations to buy supplies, via their go fund me page here Connect with us via our Facebook group. #visorarmy #makeavisorsaveahero Visor Army is supported by The RoseTrees Trust

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The visors anti-infection, will be donated to the doctors

Philip Treacy has explained that the visors anti-infection are not difficult to make, all you need is a sheet of transparent acetate, the foam padding, elastic bands and glue. To implement them will be the staff of her office of style and, once completed, will be sent to the Visor Army, a volunteer organization that calls on the population to implement similar protections. He also urged factories, small businesses and production units to follow his example, to support materially the efforts of the health workers are doing to save the millions of patients affected by the epidemic.

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