Philippines. Attack of the crocodile in the amusement park. The tourist wanted to take a picture with him

Gruesome scenes took place at an amusement park in the Philippines. A tourist entered the pool to take a picture of himself with a 12-meter crocodile. He thought the animal was plastic. The predator attacked the man.

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The incident took place at an amusement park in the city of Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines. A 68-year-old man stepped into a pool where a crocodile was located. He thought it was a plastic toy and wanted to take a picture of himself with it. At one point, the animal grabbed the tourist’s hand.

Fortunately, the 68-year-old freed himself at the last minute and escaped from the pool. Unfortunately, he was injured. At the scene, he was given a makeshift compression dressing for the wound. Then he was transported to the hospital.

The man suffered several lacerations and bone fractures. There is also a 7.5 cm predator tooth stuck in the arm of the 68-year-old. Unfortunately, an operation was needed.

A 68-year-old tourist blames the park for the incident. In his opinion, the place where the crocodile is located was poorly marked. As he added, he thought that the lack of warnings and signs meant that it was possible to enter the pool.

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