Philosophy as a tool for our daily lives

Everyday life is surrounded by philosophical concepts without us realizing it: anxieties, fears, doubts, philosophy can help with a variety of everyday situations, including why many people like to make a list of resolutions at the beginning of a new year.This book daily life philosophy Tania Sanchez attempts to approach the subject from a lighter, more accessible perspective.

Why do we celebrate the arrival of the New Year? Are we doomed to miss our childhood? Why are we obsessed with physical workplaces? Should we stop taking pictures?

All these questions are part of a set of problems that are relevant to our daily lives and can actually be solved through philosophy.

Cover of the book published by Eyrolles, France.
Cover of the book published by Eyrolles, France. ©Erolles

That’s the bet Tania Sanchez, a professor of philosophy and literature in Shanghai, China, makes with her book daily life philosophy(Philosophy of Everyday Life), published by Eyrolles Press.

Tania Sanchez came to our RFI studio to talk about this work, organized into 70 questions that we all have or will encounter at some point in our lives:

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