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Do you love watching police detective shows where they find hard evidence and then catch the criminal? Then you will surely love the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy. This game collection contains the first 3 video games in this series and they are called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, and Phoenix Wright: Justice for All. 

At a glance, the games might look similar. But you can rest assured that the cases, investigations, and more variety in each game. But that’s not all. Here’s what you can get in this trilogy collection. 

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy is a set of visual novel video games created by Capcom. In this gaming trilogy, you will be following the titular character called Phoenix Wright and his efforts to defend all his various clients in the court of law. His clients vary from magicians to TV show stars and more. But no matter what, it’s a great experience to go on the journey with Phoenix and solve the case. 
What is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy about?

In this trilogy of games, you will have to pay a visit to the crime scene and gather all the clues present there. Along with this, you will also have to speak to various witnesses and gather evidence to present in court. While the first game deals with human crimes, but we must mention that the last two games have a supernatural tinge to them. 

Even though the games are well over a decade old, but they still hold up pretty good in terms of dialogues and storytelling. The characters in here are over-the-top, but colorful and amusing. As a testament to the great writing, you will notice overarching plot threads that began in the first game reach their conclusion in the third one. Not to mention the fact that you will love how the individual cases swing from serious to farce and then back again. All of it infuses the game with energy and fun. 
While the gameplay and dialogue are solid, but the game does suffer due to the lack of a conversation log. This means that if you don’t catch a simple sliver of dialogue or detail then you will suffer in the courtroom. Note that this can have adverse effects on your clients. 
Another common complaint is regarding the visuals. While the game looks sharp and smooth, but it certainly could have been improved in the graphics department with the processing power found in the newer consoles. 
This trilogy of games comes loaded with a tonne of features that makes the games so interesting to play. Here are the most important features that will help you navigate the game better. 

This feature will show you when a witness you are interviewing is either subconsciously or consciously hiding some crucial information. Keep an eye on the lock number since that will show up just how deeply embedded your secret is. But you will be able to break the locks by inserting selected evidence pieces. Once you break all the locks, you will get new details. 

In the menu, there are 4 options. Out of the 4, two are called examine and move. In the examine option you will be able to move your cursor all over the screen and focus on the thing you want. Move, on the other hand, will allow you to go to a sub-menu that contains various locations. So once you click on the one you will be able to go there and investigate. 


Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy PC Game Download

Name Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy
Initial Release Date 17 April 2014
Series Ace Attorney
Publisher Capcom
Adventure game, Visual novel
Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS
Developers Capcom
Category PC Games >Adventure

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