Phone call between Meloni and Zelensky. The Ukrainian president: “Thank you for the support and for the new Italian weapons in Kiev”

Last week it social exchange on Twitter between congratulations on the election result, on the one hand, and the confirmation of support for the Ukrainian cause, on the other. Today comes the phone call between the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni.

The details of the call were disclosed in a note from Fdi. First of all Zelensky is himself congratulated with Meloni for the victory at political elections and he said he was certain of “being able to count on one fruitful cooperation with the next Italian government“. Ukrainian President who also thanked Giorgia Meloni for the “support of Italy also with regard to the new decree on sending weapons just looked at from Copasir“. Zelensky who also invited the leader of Brothers of Italyhoping that this can happen “as soon as possible”.

On the other side of the line Meloni, thanking the Ukrainian president for his congratulations, “recalled the nearness that Brothers of Italy and European conservatories they have demonstrated against Kiev since the first day of the war ”, confirming“ his full support to the cause of the freedom of the Ukrainian people ”. “He reiterated – continues the note – that the declaration of annexation of four Ukrainian regions from the Russian Federation has no legal or political value and stressed his commitment to each diplomatic effort useful for ending the conflict “.

As Zelensky himself reported on Telegram in the interview, it was also “discussed the need to introduce further penalties against Russia, in particular by strengthening theeighth package of EU sanctions and prohibiting the States of the Union from issuing tourist visas to Russian citizens “. “Thank you for your firm support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state,” concluded Zelensky.

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