Phones, if you have kept the old Nokia you have a treasure in your hands: how much is it worth

It was the mobile of the new millennium. Announced in September 2000, it was released the following month. He kept company and messaged an entire generation of young people.

We are obviously talking about the iconic Nokia 3310, one of the most successful mobile phones in history. Let’s find out now what it’s worth, perhaps a fortune!

Nokia 3310 value

How much is this old model of Nokia 3310 worth: current value

With a number equal to 126 million copies solduntil his withdrawal from the market in 2005. In short, a real record that not even iPhone in the same time frame could match.

And if Swedish Nokia disappeared from the market for a while to make room for smartphones, its return to the market has been greeted with much favor by all telephony enthusiasts around the world. So much so that today there is almost a rush to buy, especially in consideration of the price.

But what made the Nokia 3310 so iconic? Definitely standing out from other cell phones of the time: the blunt and rounded shapethe absence of the external antenna, a balanced ratio of size and weight.

Nothing to do with telephones from the early 2000s, who were almost all black, rectangular and all equipped with external antenna. Instead, here we found ourselves facing each other for the first time to an integrated antenna, weighing just 133 grams, And the ideal size to hold it with one hand.

Nokia 3310, why was it so special? And what is it worth now? A fortune for those who keep it

owner of Nokia

One of its hallmarks was that of the “extra keyboard” keys: the central blue button, the “C” key and the 2 up / down arrows to move through the menus, these too represented in a very adequate way, in line with the design of the mobile.

The phone was obviously a 2G – GSMwith frequency from 900 to 1800 MHz. New versions of the Nokia 3310 were soon equipped with 1000 mAh lithium-ion batterieswhich they gave on the phone ultra autonomy that went from 55 to 260 hours of standby time and from 2 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes on call.

This phone was so iconic that it even was chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland in 2015, who chose the Nokia 3310 as the “national emoji” in representation of the strengths of the country and its people, commenting: “An indestructible phone. The legendary Nokia 3310 is one of the best-selling mobile phones of all time. The phone was created in Finland and is known above all for its robustness ».

Today the Nokia 3310 is on the market again. In its anthracite gray colorwhich has been so popular with generations of users of this mobile phone. It is available on eBay at a price of 299.99 euros.

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